Monday, May 04, 2015

FCBD Haul!

Hopefully, you dropped some cash at your local comic book store for Free Comic Book Day. At my regular Comic Shop, I got the usual pile of books, and the trade The Strange Deaths of the Batman: I'd only read a single issue of it, and it's entertaining even if it's chock full of imaginary stories, lies, and dream sequences! Sadly, the trade doesn't appear to include the original covers, since I liked Batman #293, in which Lex Luthor claims to have killed Batman, but only as a "waste product" of killing Superman!

Later, at Hastings, I got 30% off the new DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated SeriesMan-Bat, and a pile of trades! Thanos: Infinity Abyss, Ghost: In the Smoke and Din, Star Wars: Empire volume 5, and Star Wars Tales volume 3. (I had much of the later in singles, but it included a Vader vs. Maul issue, and Garth Ennis's "Trooper.") On top of that, got the first three issues of Guardians 3000 and a pile of Batman: Gotham Knights, mostly for the Black & White back-up stories.

A fun haul, on a fun day! Now, if I just had time to read some of them...


Dale Bagwell said...

Cute Man-Bat bit.
Sounds like you scored some solid SWAG yourself man. Nice;)
The Strange Deaths of Batman huh? Is it as solid as the many deaths of Batman that John Byrne wrote?

Sea-of-Green said...

The new Star Wars comics look GORGEOUS.