Friday, May 15, 2015


Too clever for my own good, but so's this issue: from 2001, Nightwing #52, "Modern Romance" Written by Chuck Dixon, pencils by Greg Land, inks by Drew Geraci.

This issue was part of "Batman Dies!" month, wherein Batman...dies a bunch of times, mostly in the imaginations and speculations of various characters. Like the pages of Nightwing. OK, whatever. Selina has a dream of marrying Batman, only to murder him when he tries to answer the Bat-Signal after the wedding. Waking up, she wonders why she thinks about Bats, since he's as much as married to Gotham, so she wonders why she hangs around there either and opts for a road trip. Where? Um, Bl├╝dhaven, apparently, and she tries to rob a new casino of the Klopmann Diamond. Nightwing shows up, thinking she was hired by the crime family that was going to rob their own casino for the insurance money.

Nightwing and Catwoman scuffle with the mobsters, but Catwoman flirts with Dick a lot; partly to make him uncomfortable, partly to antagonize Batman, she thinks. Dick has a good laugh at that, and Selina slugs him one.

I thought this issue who go nicely with that Strange Deaths of the Batman trade I picked up, but outsmarted myself: part of this issue is reprinted in that trade! No real reason I could see, except Catwoman's dream only takes six pages.

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Dale Bagwell said...

You can't tell me Dick didn't enjoy Selina flirting with him. Shit I know I would.