Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Mystery Machine."

Ah, set-up! Not a lot of jokes this week. But I've actually got strips scheduled through December right now--the concluding two episodes are also done, and I keep having to move them back! So, I've kinda wanted to do some other strips, maybe some centered on DC characters; but although I've bought some this year, my enthusiasm for DC is pretty low. I say that even though I bought a pile of Convergence comics--at four-for-one prices, but still.


SallyP said...

Now that is a cliff hanger!

Dale Bagwell said...

That baby Venom figure is cool as fuck man.
You know, I gotta' hand it to you for playing the long game here with this particular story, but yeah, I'm ready for some other stuff with other figures as well.

Again, hats off to ya' for sticking to this as long as you have.
Me? I'm waiting on stories from your new buys, and of course the further (mis)adventures of Satana and Black Cat.

C├ęsar Emilio Soto Serrano said...

How about some stories with the old Bastards of the Universe?