Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Venom Report."

Ah, Thunderbolts code! I'm sure Deadpool only thinks to use it to steal food from Elektra's fridge or something. ("Hey, do you have any Greek yogurt?" Pool asked, seconds before being stabbed with a sai...)

And when earth heroes like Venom, Captain Marvel, or even Iron Man hang out with the Guardians of the Galaxy, I'm sure they get the equivalent of child-safety locks and kiddie settings. Probably have to restrict their internet usage and lock out the adult channels...


SallyP said...

And the fun just continues.

Dale Bagwell said...

Whatever happened to what happens in the Thunderbolts, stays in the Thunderbolts?;)

Personally, I'm sure they could really milk the whole T-Bolt's code thing.
"Yo, I have a major termite problem. T-bolt's code mutha-trucka!
Hand over that C-4 bro!"

"Hey, some monkey in a zoo just flipped me off! T-Bolt's code says I need that Glock you got."

"Yo, this burger punk just got my order wrong. Thunderbolt's code me son!"

Hey, it could happen.