Thursday, October 08, 2015

It's an $8.95 squarebound, but I'm willing to cram it into the scanner for you.

Partly, because it's not great: from 1993, Spider-Man, Punisher, Sabretooth: Designer Genes, written by Terry Kavanagh, pencils by Scott McDaniel, inks by Keith Williams. As Spider-Man finds a number of lab animals butchered as ESU, the Punisher kills some "Canadian arsonists" that were hired to take out some homeless from an upscale construction site. Some of the homeless were also killed, torn to pieces, but possibly not by Sabretooth, who's after some genetic engineers who remind him of his time in the Weapon X program.

The Punisher is absolutely willing to murder the engineers, their backers, Sabretooth, and Spider-Man at this point. The latter is a little crankier than he usually gets: it would probably give Frank a staggering amount of satisfaction to kill Daredevil, but he never would. Spidey defends Sabretooth, even though he is a known murderer, and teams up with Punisher even though he knows Frank is getting a little trigger-happy.

This is a 64-pager with a "Silver Foil Enhanced Cover " that it absolutely didn't deserve. I wonder, if I went through it again, if there were chapter breaks (or points where they would've gone) every eight pages, since this possibly could've been commissioned as an eight-part serial for Marvel Comics Presents.

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