Thursday, October 01, 2015

When did the Demon become a romantic lead?

So far in the New 52, I think I've seen Etrigan with more girls than Hal Jordan: Madame Xanadu in Demon Knights, Zatanna in Justice League Dark: Futures End, and here Fire, in Justice League 3000 #15, "Burning Bright!" Plot by Keith Giffen, dialog by J.M. DeMatteis, art by Howard Porter.

I really need to pick up more of this, even though this was technically the last issue: it's up to Justice League 3001 now. (When it reaches 3100, sell!) (Boo!) This issue features the cloned Justice League, Fire and Ice, a future Camelot, and the new Injustice League of Lois Lane!...I have no idea what is up with half of that, hence, need more comics.


Dale Bagwell said...

Hmm. You definitely got a point there on that. The Demon as a modern sex symbol? WHAT WOULD JACK KIRBY THINK!?

The Fire/Demon pairing at least makes sense from an obvious conceptual and visual standpoint, and I guess Zatanna kinda' does, even though that was weird to see. In any case, go Etrigan you hellish horn dog you!

You can damn well bet I'm using this now:)

SallyP said...

Well apparently, he's a great kisser.