Friday, January 08, 2016

Can't blog, opening toys.

While I did pick up something else I don't want to mention yet, I did get my first figures for 2016 yesterday from Target: the Marvel Legends Avengers three-pack with Ultron, Hulk, and Vision; and the Batman v. Superman Wonder Woman. (BTW, solid review of this WW and the lower-tier version at MWC Toys this morning!) I kind of thought I might've picked up the Armored Batman figure first, but frankly there's a ton of 'em, I can hold out a bit. The three-pack was down from $50 to $15, which finally got me to bite even though I don't know if I like that Hulk.

Opening stuff up now, so have a good weekend!

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Dale Bagwell said...

Congratulations on finding that 3-pack cheaper than I did. Can't beat paying only 15$ for that. I'll more than likely pass on those SvB figures though. Holding out for the new Marvel Legends myself. Have a good one.