Friday, January 01, 2016

The Tenth Annual! Random Happenstance Year in Toys!

Ten years of this? How?

This is traditionally one of my favorite posts of the year, and I may be working on this one up to the wire! But it's also odd for me looking back this year, when I'm somewhat uncharacteristically quite looking forward to 2016. And that's the kind of bold statement I figure will come back to bite me, so let's take a gander at 2015's pile of toys.

For new readers: For over ten years now, I have been keeping a running total of every action figure or toy I buy. Hopefully, each entry has the figure's name, the line, the price, and where I bought it; and possibly a link to a cartoon or strip that toy was used in. (Unless that figure's unloved or unphotogenic, I guess. Or I'm lazy...) Totals will usually include postage and tax. Usually. This is by no means a "Best of" list or anything, just what I bought.

As always, most of this list was kept up at, and here's links for 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006.

1-3 G.I. Joe Kre-O Battle-Damage B.A.T., Human Bullet, Ninja-Ku, and Leatherneck, $1.39 each, $6.04 total, Toys R Us.

1-9 G.I. Joe Kre-O Iceberg, Tele-Viper, $1.11 each, $2.40 total, Toys R Us.

1-16 Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel, Radioactive Man, Captain America 3-pack, $25.48, Target; G.I. Joe Kre-O Lifeline, Outback, $1.11 each, Lego Galaxy Patrol Space Creeper, $8.95; total $12.14, Toys R Us.

1-21 DC Collectibles Jim Lee Superman, $12.47; Dr. Who Character Building: 3 Doctors, 2 Daleks, Amy, Restac, $2 each, total $26.47, Go! Calendars.

1-22 Game of Thrones Briane of Tarth, $9.99, Go! Calendars.

1-24 Marvel Legends Captain America (Stealth Suit) and Winter Soldier, $12.49 each, $24.99 total, Go! Calendars. Completing Build-a-Figure Mandroid!

1-29 DC Total Heroes Steel, $7.49, Go! Calendars. (REMINDER: It's not a bad idea to check the mall calendar places now!)

2-3 DC Collectibles Thrasher Suit Batman, $32.60, Hastings.

2-7 Transformers Tiny Titan Grimlock, $1.37, G.I. Joe Kre-O 2 Cobra Drivers, $1.36 each, total $4.07, Toys R Us.

2-13 Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Machine Man, Thor, Iron Fist, Sentry, Hawkeye, $140 total, Wal-Mart. Completed Build-a-Figure Odin!

2-28 Marvel Super-Hero Mashers Dr. Doom, Iron Man, Ghost Rider, $4 each, total $12, Big Lots.

3-18 DC Collectibles Son of Batman Robin (Damian), $19.99, Hastings.

3-24 2 Star Wars Black Stormtroopers, $9.99 each, total $21.74, Hasbro Toy Shop/eBay.

3-28 Marvel Legends Hellcat, Batroc, $19.99 each, $43.46 w/tax, Wal-Mart.

4-2 Marvel Legends 2 Spider-Men, 2 Anti-Venom, Ultimate Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man 2099, Daredevil, BaF Hobgoblin: a case from, $118.99+10.34 tax, shipped.

4-13? Star Wars Black Bossk, $19.99, Wal-Mart in Palm Springs. (I saw like four at Disneyland the next day or so!)

4-15 Babylon 5 Captain Sheridan, $5, a little store near a Cheesecake Factory in Anaheim. I think.

4-13 Marvel Legends Spider-Woman, $21.61, Wal-Mart.

4-15 Magic Liliana Vess, $12.50; Dr. Who K-9 w/book, $12.95; $27.63 total, Barnes & Noble.

4-29 Magic Chandra Nalaar, Nisa Revane, $6.24 each, $13.57 total, Barnes & Noble.

4-30 ML Avengers Hulk, $19.49 shipped, eBay.

5-1 ML Captain America, Iron Man Mark 43, $50 shipped, Toys R Us.

5-2 DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series Man-Bat, $19.01, Hastings.

5-15 Guardians of the Galaxy 2.5 inch figures: Starlord/Gamora, Groot/Rocket/Saakarian, Starlord/Ronan, Drax/Korath, $2 each, total $8, Wal-Mart.

5-19 DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham whatever Red Hood, $27.16 shipped, Gamestop.

5-20 Star Wars Black: Han Solo/Stormtrooper, $19.99, Wal-Mart.

ML Agent Venom for a silly "time capsule,", $19.99, Walgreens.

5-30 Spokane/Lilac City Comicon: Green Goblin, Iron Spider-Man, Alien ('97 Resurrection?), DCUC Katma Tui, John Stewart, Cyborg Superman, Viking Spawn, X3 Colossus, $25 all told. A hodgepodge, but fun.

6-1 Fantastic Four Psycho-Man, Hellboy keychain, $5, yard sale.

6-15 DCUC Nightwing, Mongul, $31.24 shipped, eBay.

Star Wars Black Luke/Stormtrooper, $19.82, Walmart.

6-18 Funko Legacy Rocketeer, $19.99, Toys R Us. Great, hope I don't break him, but great!

6-28 Star Trek Minimates Captain Pike/Enterprise, $6.99; DC Collectibles B:TAS Robin, $6.99, total $13.98, Hastings.

7-5 ML Tiger Shark, Grim Reaper, $19.99 each, $39.98, Target. (Montana, no tax...which I've been keeping track of sporadically.)

7-13 Hulkbuster! Valkyrie, Thundra, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, 2 War Machines, Blizzard, Vision, $133.04 shipped, Hasbro Toy Shop.

7-17 Megablocks Imagination Spongebob, $10.54 shipped, eBay. (I think I got two blind-bagged Larry the Lobsters, looking for this one. Because I love the imagination rainbow. Shut up, that's why.)

7-22 ML Black Ant, $21.61, Walgreens.

ML movie Ant-Man, $21.61, Walmart.

ML Wasp, $19.51, Toys R Us.

7-31 ML Colossus, $10, Kalispell Comics.

8-2 ML Bulldozer, $19.94, Target.

8-3 ML Giant-Man, $21.61, Toys R Us. Completed Ultron! He's, unh, ok.

8-14 DC Collectibles Wonder Woman/Katana 2-pack, $18.00, Hastings.

8-17 Playmates Star Trek: TNG Q, $3.93 shipped, eBay. (Wanted the accessories.)

8-18 Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors Trickshot Showdown, $3.50, Walmart.

8-19 ML Chameleon, Misty Knight, Ghost Rider, $17.44 each, $56.86 total, Kmart.

8-20 Star Wars Black Speeder Bike/Trooper, $19.99, Walmart.

8-19 Dark Horse Nightcrawler Syroco statue, $17, Entertainment Earth. Also got the Nightcrawler chess piece, but don't have the price in front of me.

8-26 ML Scarlet Spider, $17.44, Kmart.

9-4 Star Wars Black Kylo Ren, $18.94, Walmart; Hero Masher Stormtrooper, $9.99, Toys R Us. (I was hoping the Hero Masher would be about the same scale as the Black series Troopers, he's short.)

9-5 Marvel Hero Mashers Smash Fist Hulk, $11, Shopko.

9-8 Avengers 2.5" Cap, Iron Man, Fury, Hawkeye, Hulk, $1.87 each; total 10.16, Walgreens. (Haven't opened these yet, not sure if I'll keep them or give them away.)

9-10 Halo Drop Pod, $1.19, Minimate Star-Lord/Rocket/Groot, $7.99, Evolve Val, $18.99; total $28.17, Walgreens.

9-14 Venom: the Symbiote, $17.99 shipped, eBay. (The design might not grab everyone, and the articulation is limited; but he's a good-sized monster.)

9-16 Star Trek: Generations Picard in spacesuit, $9, Comic Book Shop; DC Collectibles Pandora, $4, Minimate Shanna/Reaver, $2, total $6, Hastings.

9-18 ML Kraven, Superior Venom, $19.99 each, $43.29 total, Walmart.

9-21 Star Wars Black First Order Stormtrooper, $18.94, Walmart.

9-28 Playmates Star Trek accessories, $15+$6.10 shipping, eBay. (A ton of bases, phasers, communicators, tricorders, and oddball little items. So much fun. Not a lot of paint...)

10-10 Agents of SHIELD 3-pack, $37.82, Toys R Us; Fisher Price golf clubs ("Happy Family," I think) $4+$3.15 shipping, eBay.

10-15 Game of Thrones Funko Legacy: Jaime Lannister, Khal Drogo, Ned Stark, Robb Stark, the Hound: $27.12 total, Barnes and Noble. (I think one of the scabbards fell off the Hound, but the rest were OK. Except they stank like hell outta package.)

10-16 Game of Thrones Funko Legacy: Daenerys Targaryen, $4.95, another Barnes&Noble.

10-17 Kre-O Transformers Optimus Prime vs. Megatron, $8.69, TJ Maxx.

10-18 Re:Action Gremlins Mogwai Stripe, $10.82, Barnes&Noble.

10-23 Star Wars Black IG-88, $21.61, Walgreens.

11-3 Star Wars Black Poe/Riot Stormtrooper, $32.60, Target.

11-6 Art Asylum Star Trek Captain Kirk (exclusive, with phaser rifle! Love the phaser rifle.) $20+$4.95 shipping, eBay.

11-7 Star Wars Black Captain Phasma, Guavian Enforcer, $18.99 each, $39.31 total, Wal-Mart.

11-12 DCUC Killer Moth, $11 shipped, Brentosaur on Twitter.

11-14 NECA Christopher Reeve Superman, Adam West Batman, $19.99 each, $43.41 total, Toys R Us. (Plus $29.99+ for the Supes I bought on eBay, with a stupid Man of Steel DVD; since I hadn't seen him in store yet. We'll keep it in package. The DVD's probably not going to accrue any value, though.)

12-1 Marvel Legends yellow Daredevil, $15, Walgreens.

12-15 Funko Rocketeer, $10.67, Toys R Us.

12-16 Star Wars Black Shocktrooper, $18.99, Wal-Mart.

12-23 Star Wars Black Rey/BB-8, $18.99, Wal-Mart.

12-26 Kre-O Shockwave,$5.99, TJ Maxx.

12-30 Evolve Goliath, $12.49, Go! Calendars.

2015 total: $1895.35. 2014: $1523.25. 2013: $1101.93. 2012: $706.32. 2011: $564.71. 2010: $966.10. 2009: $558.16. 2008: $555.16. 2007: $426.00. 2006: $620.00.

That's a big, big year! A couple of trends: no one store or retailer seemed to dominate, there are purchases all over the place. We also sprung for full cases on more than one occasion, something we haven't done all that often before; or bought an entire wave at once. In the same vein, there aren't a lot of Build-a-Figure pieces leftover this year, either: for Marvel Legends, we went all in.


SallyP said...

That... that is a whole lotta toys. I envy you, man.

Dale Bagwell said...

Damn. I don't even want to think even briefly, about the total amount I spent on figures myself this year. I know thanks to Marvel Legends really bringing it this year, most of my money probably sent to them. Well Walmart and Walgreen's respectively, but yeah, best year yet, and in a longtime for me, from them. I see this year easily duplicating that if they keep up the number of waves. Amazon got the rest of my money, as I slowly but surely catch up on figures not found in stores or stuff I can't find elsewhere. Looks like you had a pretty impressive year yourself. Favorite figure of 2015? Or if it's easier, top 5?