Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Patent Pym'ing."

Question: In regular Marvel continuity, how many people have stolen Hank Pym's tech? Not used or borrowed; straight-up jacked? I'm pretty sure Hawkeye started that ball rolling when he helped himself to Hank's serum to become Goliath. Bill Foster got the Pym particle formula when he worked with Hank, but I don't know if he had permission to use it as Black Goliath. Eric Josten, the mercenary known as Power Man, Goliath, or Atlas; he definitely stole it; as did Ant-Men Scott Lang and Eric O'Grady. Rita DeMara stole the Yellowjacket uniform and used it as a member of the Masters of Evil and then as a Guardian of the Galaxy...before being horribly murdered. Stature got her powers from stealing Pym particles from her dad Scott, and Tom Foster stole it from Avengers Mansion.

It seems like Pym's work is swiped, a lot--I mean, how often is Iron Man armor stolen? (The tech on occasion, but full-on armor?) Anyway, still haven't seen Ant-Man, and don't know if I'll be able to get in this weekend. Still, found a Walgreen's exclusive Ant-Man/Black Ant, at like the sixth Walgreens I checked.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Oh you bastard!!!!!! LOL! Conngrats dude. I really, really need to track him down like ASAP. But kudos to you for finding him. I have a feeling this'll be far from the last time I say "OH YOU BASTARD" in regardess to finding figures before me. Thus is the curse and allure of the Plastic Crack......

Funny you mention stolen Pym tech, when I just watched an episode of Avengers Assemble where Scott Lang hunted down former friends of his that he made shit for. Kinda like the Armor Warsm but with Lang willingly giving tech to theswe guys while he himself wasa bad guy....sorta.

More PYM-related skits please, especially the funny Ultron ones you do. Maybe Ultron and Black Ant team-up?