Tuesday, July 07, 2015

You could probably sell toys named "Grim Shark" or "Tiger Reaper" or any combo thereof, really.

My pile of unread stuff has somehow become tall enough to do some damage if it falls on me, so let's spend an afternoon with two new figures: from the Marvel Legends Ant-Man series, Tiger Shark and Grim Reaper!

For good measure, the Wife was playing with Tiger Shark and a banana eraser from a vending machine...that may not be as in scale as I would have hoped.

Neither may the most recent Sub-Mariner figure, either, although your mileage may vary: I like TS being bigger.

I didn't splurge on the whole batch this time, though; partially because they were out of Ant-Man; but I'm not positive I need Bulldozer or regular-sized Giant-Man: I've missed or skipped the rest of the Wrecking Crew to date, and classic comics Yellowjacket is my preferred Hank Pym look. Seriously, that's the costume to steal, people. But we'll see. I did splurge on something else, that'll be here later this week...


Dale Bagwell said...

Damn, you beat me to the punch posting about these guys. They're fucking worth every penny aren't they? Just got mine yesterday from Amazon. Over the weekend though, I went to my not so local toys r us, and snatched up that new Giant Man, Bulldozer(he's very sought after, and those scalped up prices for him online reflect that), and I found that Jubilee wave Cyclops, so I finally have him too.

I'm super jealous of that DCUC Shark figure though, because I can only imagine the funny skits that could come from those pairings. I guess I'll have to be content with Aquaman, Ocean Master, Black Manta, Namor, Animal Man, and I guess B'Wana Beast.

Love the crazy Anime face on Reaper though. He's what you'd call, deliciously psychotic.

Might get the wasp eventually, but don't really care all that much about the movie Ant-Man figure. I'm also actively trading the Ultron BAF parts I have on FB because I have no interest in completing such an ugly figure. Why they couldn't have stuck with his classic, iconic look I have no idea.

SallyP said...

Oh, I laughed and laughed.