Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quick one today, since I spent the weekend doing some cleaning and rearranging; including moving my computer and scanner. Still works, so here's one from Secret Origins #31, "The Secret Origin of the Justice Society of America" Written by Roy Thomas, pencils by Michael Bair, inks by Bob Downs.

Early in WWII, before America had even entered the war, President Roosevelt asks the Flash and Green Lantern to stop Hitler's invasion of England. They get their asses beat by Nazi robot "the Murder Machine," but Dr. Fate realizes what has happened and summons Hourman to help him save the heroes and stop the Valkyries Hitler unleashed with the Spear of Destiny! When that fight also goes badly, Fate brings in more help: the Sandman, Hawkman, the Atom, and the big gun he didn't think would come, the Spectre! Who destroys a Nazi fleet singlehandedly, because although he was a ghost, the Spectre was still an American, damn it. (He may hint at it a little there, but the Spectre's attachment to humanity would erode over time: here, he more or less as human as he would ever be.)

Roy Thomas explains in an editorial at the end of the issue, that this story was to both revamp Paul Levitz's 1977 origin for the JSA, and adjust it for the Crisis, since Batman and Superman were no longer ever members of the JSA. Which was somewhat problematic, since in the original, Supes saves Roosevelt from a Valkyrie's spear. Here, although the Atom is stabbed trying to protect the President, Roosevelt is mortally wounded, and the Spectre has to bring him back from the afterlife...at a cost.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Pretty cool story though, and I've always been a huge fan of Michael Bair's art as well. He just nails it here as well.