Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Ninth Annual, Random Happenstance, Year in Toys!

2014 is over, and for most people I don't think it's any too soon. But while some bad things did happen this year, I did get married, and bought another metric ton of action figures! I'm pretty grateful for both, but we'll just check out the toys here then...

For new readers: next to my desk at work is a little yellow notebook, in which I have been keeping a running total of every action figure or toy I buy. I started December 2005 and haven't filled it (quite) yet, so apparently I'm not buying enough figures. Hopefully, each entry has the figure's name, the line, the price, and where I bought it; and possibly a link to a cartoon or strip that toy was used in. (Unless that figure's unloved or unphotogenic, I guess. Or I'm lazy...) Totals will usually include postage and tax. Usually. This is by no means a "Best of" list or anything, just what I bought.

As always, most of this list was kept up at, and here's links for 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006. Nine years of data...of my spending habits, which probably tells you nothing, but still.

1-8 DC Collectibles Brightest Day Jade, $6.52, Free shipping.

1-12 Marvel Legends A.I.M. Soldier and Hydra Agent, $19.99 each, $42.37 Toys R Us.

1-13 Marvel Select Black Cat wall base, $5 shipped, eBay.

1-14 ML Superior Spider-Man, $19.99, Target. ($21.61 with tax.)

1-17 ML Black Cat, $29 shipped, eBay.

Iron Man Marvel Legends Ultron, $6.99, TJ Maxx.

Something like 14 or 16 Kre-O Micro-Changer Transformers. Mostly $1.48 each at Target, although I did buy a couple from Hastings or Toys R Us. If you want multiple Sharkticons, this is probably the scale to do it in. Let's say $27 for the lot.

eBay'd a Kreon Megatron, $5.

2-5 Kre-O Optimus Prime, $14.99, Big Lots.

2-24 Marvel Universe Nightcrawler, $9.99, Toys R Us.

2-28 Transformers Micro Changers Bulkhead and Lugnut, $2.99 each; Grab Zag Green Lantern, $1.99, $8.64 total, WalGreen.

3-1 Kre-O Devastator, $14.04, RiteAid.

3-8 Micro Changer Rodimus and Cyclonus, $2.79 each, total $6.07, WalGreen.

3-13 Micro Changer Iceberg, Demolishor, Sandstorm, total $9.06, WalGreen.

3-18 Vampirella (black), $13 from a little junk store.

3-19 Mego Star Trek phaser (for the classic 8-inch figures) $2+$3.25 postage, eBay.

3-26 Playmates Star Trek Warp Factor series Sisko, Dax, O'Brien, Jemhadar, and Cardassian; $6+$12 shipping, eBay.

3-27 NECA Prometheus Trilobite and Battle-Damaged Engineer, $11.99, Toys R Us.

3-28 Star Wars Black Bespin Luke and Stormtrooper, $19.99 each, $43.29 total, White Elephant.

Micro Changer Insecticon, $3.23, Hastings.

3-30 Iron Man Iron Patriot and classic Iron Man, $10.79 each, $23.46 total.

4-1 ML3 Deadpool, $33, eBay.

4-2 Lego Batman Tumbler (bagged), $3.99, Target.

4-15 Micro Changer Rodimus, $2.79, Walgreens.

Kre-O spree! Star Trek transporter set, Gorn, Keenser, Klingon, Grasia; D&D Tiefling, Illusion Wizard, Cleric, and Drizzt; G.I. Joe Footloose, Scrap Iron, Lady Jaye, Tunnel Rat, Land Adventurer (and a couple doubles) $51.17, Toys R Us.

4-18 Kre-O Star Trek Enterprise, $35 shipped, Amazon.

DCUC Darkseid (New 52), $7.56, Tuesday Morning.

4-19 Silent Screamers Metropolis Maria (loose), $5+$5 shipping, eBay.

4-22 Micro Changers Singe, Insecticon, Inferno, and Warpath; $1.51 each, $6.04 total,

4-23 ML Dark Wolverine (masked), $7.99; Kre-O (Mini) Enterprise, $3.99; total $14.02, TJ Maxx.

NECA Prometheus Engineer, $8.50+$3.99 shipping, total 12.49,

5-2 Transformers Springer, $12 ($14.04 with tax), Wal-Mart.

5-3 Star Wars Black Darth Maul, $13; Kre-O G.I. Joe Atomic Man and 2 Cobra Air Troops, $8.97; total $23.74, Toys R Us.

Kre-O Star Trek Sprog, 2 Klingons, $7.78, the Comic Book Shop.

5-7 Transformers Sandstorm, $6, Wal-Mart.

5-8 Microchanger Kup, $2.99, Walgreens.

5-12 Silver Surfer Meegan Alien (loose), $8.99 shipped, eBay.

5-16 TF Construct-bots Grimlock, $7; Blaster, $17, total $24, Wal-Mart.

5-17 NECA Godzilla, $18.99; Kre-O D&D Paladin, 2 Orcs, $2.99 each; total $30.39, Toys R Us.

Kre-O TF Acid Wing, $2.99, Hastings.

5-22 Star Trek: TNG Guinan (3-D Chessboard), $5.97, eBay.

5-23 TF Construct-Bot Starscream, $2.99, Target.

5-24 Star Wars Chewbacca (Dejarik Champion, with gameboard), $.99+$2.99 shipping, eBay.

5-28 Kre-O D&D Orc Axeman, Orc Fighter, Flag Carrier, $2.99 each, $9.73 Toys R Us.

5-31 Spokane Comicon: McFarlane Al Simmons, $8; Alien: Resurrection Aqua Alien, $2.50; ML Silver Savage, $2.50; LOTR Uruk-hai Orc, $3.00; total $16.

6-2 Kre-O D&D Lord Neverember, $3.99; 2 Orc Fighters, Orc Axeman, $2.99 each, total $14.09.

6-6 DC Collectibles Talon, $24.99, Hastings.

6-9 Transformers Swerve, $9.99, Walmart.

6-10 TF Cosmos, $9.99, Walmart.

6-17 Not-Lego Fantastic Four minifigs, $4.00 shipped, eBay.

6-18 TF Kre-O Micro Changers Jarugar and Nightbeat, $2.99 each, $6.48 total, Toys R Us.

6-27 Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax, Nova, and Space Iron Man; $19.99 each, $129.00 total, Target. Build a Groot!

6-28 TF Kre-O Misfire, Highbrow, Silversnout ($2.99 each) Optimus Constructobot, $5.99, $15 total, Toys R Us.

7-3 WWE accessory Super Soaker, $5.99 shipped, eBay.

7-10 Heroclix Nightcrawler, $8.99+2.75 shipping, total $11.74, eBay.

NECA Tonto, Lone Ranger (unmasked), $5 each, $10.80 total, Hastings.

7-13 Kre-O Mindswipe, Trypticon, free, Toys R Us.

7-31 Lego custom Nightcrawler minifig, $18.51+$3.45 shipping, eBay.

7-31 Not-Lego minifigs: Batman, Robin, Loki, Green Lantern, Wolverine, Deadpool; $4.01 shipped, eBay.

8-1 ML Baron Zemo, $16.39, K-Mart. ML Red Skull, $15, Wal-Mart. (Montana, no tax!)

8-9 ML Agent Venom, $21.61, Walgreens.

Kre-O Star Trek Grasia, Gorn, $2.17, Dollar Store.

8-15 ML Stryfe, $22.99, the Comic Book Shop.

8-16 2 Kre-O Dungeons and Dragons Knights Catapults, $1.99 each, $4.33 total, Toys R Us.

8-17 Kre-O Klingon, $1.08, Dollar Store.

8-21 Indiana Jones Lego Minifigure (plus another one and Short Round for my son!) $8.50 + $3.49 postage, $11.99 total. Not-Lego Spider-Man with bike, $3.27 shipped, eBay.

8-22 Kre-O D&D Fortress Defense, $8.90, Toys R Us.

8-30 MiWorld Vending Machine, $9.99 ($10.80 total) Toys R Us.

9-2 Kre-O Star Trek series 2 Kirk, Spock, $13.48 + $1.98 shipped, eBay.

9-3 Star Wars Black Darth Vader, $19.99 ($21.61 with tax) Walgreens.

9-5 Marvel Legends Cyclops, $23.90, Toys R Us.

Kre-O Star Trek series 2 Kirk, Spock, $6.74 each, $13.48 shipped, eBay.

9-9 Not-Lego Thing, $2.30, eBay.

9-20 Figures Toy Company Batzooka, $6, Bat-Cave Entrance Bust, $6, Bat-Radio, $3: $23 shipped.

9-21 DCUC Mary Marvel, $3, Hastings.

9-30 Batman '66 Catwoman, $15.99, Wal-Mart.

10-5 Futurama series 5 Robot Santa, Captain Yesterday, SuperKing, Nudar, Clobberella, Amy Wong, Calculon; $9.99 each, $60 total, Hastings.

10-15 Star Wars Black Chewbacca, $29.99, Comic Book Shop.

10-18 Star Wars Black Stormtrooper, $19.99, Toys R Us.

Star Trek Kre-O Spock's Volcano Mission, $6.99, Sunday Morning.

10-23 Mr. Freeze, $10.80, Wal-Mart.

11-8 Star Wars Black Jedi Luke, $18.99, Target.

11-12 Magic Garruk Wildspeaker, $7.81, Barnes & Noble. (With $20 gift card.)

11-15 Mattel DC Batmobile, $32.50, Walmart. (Again, after some gift cards.)

Kre-O Cobra Driver, Bulletman, Wingspan Hawk, $1.99 each, $6.50 total; Toys R Us.

Marvel Select Thanos, $18.74, Hastings.

11-21 Kre-O G.I. Joe Zarana, $1.99, Toys R Us.

12-3 Kre-O G.I. Joe Chuckles, $2.99+$2 shipping, eBay.

12-5 DC Action League Larfleeze/Glomulus, $2.05, Burlington Coat Factory.

Kre-O Transformers Optimus, Megatron, Sentinel, Soundwave, Starscream, $3.99, TJ Maxx.

12-13 Transformers Autobot Skids, $12.99; ML Captain America 2 Black Widow, $14.99; $25.98 w/Rewards, Toys R Us.

Kre-O Transformers Bruticus, Superion; $15, Big Lots.

12-19 Kre-O Transformers Menasor, Predaking; $15, Big Lots.

12-17 NECA Batman (with Blu-Ray) $24.99, Hastings.

12-30 NECA Batman (with Blu-Ray) $24.99, Hastings. (One to stay, one to play!)

2014 Total: $1523.25. 2013: $1101.93. 2012: $706.32. 2011: $564.71. 2010: $966.10. 2009: $558.16. 2008: $555.16. 2007: $426.00. 2006: $620.00.

You may or may not have noticed, but my usual meticulous record keeping was not up to par this year. (I can already hear someone laughing at that notion, me being meticulous about something!) For example, I know I bought the Marvel Legends Boomerang at some point (and he had to be $19.99, but I don't know where I got him) and I didn't log him anywhere! Or the Walgreens exclusive white Boba Fett! (Again, $19.99.) My long-serving yellow notebook wasn't always at my desk at work this year; and it was starting to run out. We do have a fix in mind for that problem, though.

There's also two Stryfe pictures up there, that I swear I had blogged; but maybe just put on Twitter? So why not follow me on Twitter! Learn my secret identity as I tweet maybe once a month!


SallyP said...

Egads! You have been busy! And we thank you for it all!

Dale Bagwell said...

Dayum! Well 2014 was defineitly good to you toy-wise as well then.

Funny-ass captions as always, especially the Thano diss, Star-Lord, 'Pool and Widow, Styrfe(I gotta' break down and go to toys r us for that one) and the Transformers.

I had a much quieter year toy-wise. I only remember buying the Agent Venom, Boomerang, Black Cat, Superior Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Carnage and the Young Justice Sportsmaster figure. That's a huge drop from previous years, but that's how it is when DC/Hasbro ended my much-beloved DCUC line.

This year, the new batch of Marvel Legends like the Odin Wave look really good. I'll probably get all of them except Iron Fist and maybe Scarlet Witch.

Hope youre having a good new year's so far.