Wednesday, February 05, 2014

"Subroutine for Empathy."

I actually like the title for this one. To me, sounds like a Star Trek episode...

Over at CBR's Comics Should Be Good, Chad Nevett wrote about Age of Ultron #10 every day for all of January. I honestly thought he was trolling comics fans, "This is the comics event You deserve." As it went on, I wondered if he was trying to turn around the prevailing view that AoU sucked: "Nah, man, it was really, really good. If you can't see that, that's on you."

Or maybe, this reminded me of an old friend, explaining that sometimes when he bought a tape (yes, I'm old) he would almost force himself to listen to and enjoy every song on it, instead of just the hits, to get his money's worth out of it. Which reminded me of being a kid, and maybe only getting one comic in a week or longer, and not having the internet or 90 channels to distract me from devoting a lot of time to absorbing said comic, even if it was something completely weak like Secret Wars II #5. Like two rival schools of thought in reading comics: one buys a single issue, then studies it at length and in intricate detail, dissecting and meticulously examining every nuance of every panel and every word balloon. The other buys a pile of comics at once, and tosses the crappy ones over their shoulder after reading; possibly while watching TV and the internet simultaneously.

So I'm not sure I get what Nevett was going for, but if he was able to wring any enjoyment out of Age of Ultron #10, more power to him. Meanwhile, I bought a spare Ultron the other day. No particular reason except it being cheap, really; and I could see Ultron having spares around sometimes.


SallyP said...

This was magnificent, and would make an excellent comic. A REAL one!

Also, Thor wanting a Boar every Thursday is just a great idea.

Also, I didn't read Age of Ultron, and I'm so glad.

Dale Bagwell said...

Poor Ultron.....So close too. Thor's Day huh? Sounds legit;)

Damn funny Ultron skit. Which I'd thought of it;)