Monday, February 10, 2014

(Not a) Review: Kre-O Optimus Prime!

The Lego Movie opened this weekend, so of course I spent the weekend playing with pseudo-Lego Kre-O's. I picked up the Kre-O Optimus Prime set, and it took me forever to put him together.

Wait, not that one! That's the Kreon Optimus Prime, the little minifigure version. Here's the build version:

I am in no sense a "master builder," so this probably took me longer than it needed to. (Possibly not helping, I started watching Attack on Titan while doing this, and it was subtitled, which took away a bit of focus.) Sorting the pieces was excruciating, since the pieces weren't bagged in any particular order; and there were a surprising amount. The instructions were clear, except I wonder if I don't have a bit of color-blindness, since I had a little trouble differentiating between grey, metallic-grey, and black in the booklet. (Maybe that's not just me, but my girlfriend was putting together the Lego Creator Furry Creatures set, and was having the same problem!) He's not a bad-looking Optimus, but like a lot of these Lego-type characters, it seems a little spindly.

There was also a fair-amount of pieces left for a little base, and Optimus's trailer; the latter intended for if I wanted to build him as a truck. Doubtful, but they might come in handy for a backdrop. This set came with Kreons of Optimus, Bluestreak, and the Decepticon jet Skywarp. (And two humans, but no one cares!) I'm rather enjoying the Kreons and Micro-Changers, partly because it's a fun way to build a bunch of characters.

Hasbro's website had a suggested retail price of $59.99, but I got this set at Big Lots for $15. That works out to about $5 bucks each for the Kreons that anyone wants, so not bad.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

I can see these little guys being easy cannon fodder and just stuff to fill up a background/backdrop of people if you need them for a crowd scene. Trying having your Clark Kent figure try and interview them for idk, some random crime that just happened, and one of those kro transformers is like the only witness.....except he's acting like a typical drunk/stoned/idiotic "witness" that is usually always found and interviewed. There you go. One free skit one and done for ya:)

Susan said...

"Dog hair included for scale"...I can't believe a line that random made me laugh so hard.