Friday, February 14, 2014

With a name like "Lionmane," it has to be...a D-lister, yeah.

We'll look at the lead-in story from this issue next week, but we'll wrap up this one with a quick look at "Lion at Bay" from Wonder Woman #280, written by Paul Levitz, pencils by Joe Staton, inks by Steve Mitchell. We join our jailbreak already in progress, as the Huntress fights Lionmane. But Helena's not just there to stop the jailbreak, she has an old score to settle with him: he had been a goon in Catwoman's mob, who tried to take over. Catwoman was narrowly able to gas him and dump him on the police, but Huntress knows it took her mom some time to recover, and wants to pay him back.

I don't know if Lionmane is a mutant or anything, but he's ugly and strong. Since Huntress said she knew the secret of Fagan's Wood, Lionmane tries to beat the location of Catwoman's hidden jewels out of her. Huntress is nearly down, but creepily seems to hear her mother, and smashes Lionmane in the face with a good-sized rock, knocking him out. The cops surrounded the escaped prisoners during the fight, so the jailbreak is over...with only one escapee. Worse, she doesn't realize it yet, but the Huntress lost a friend: to keep him safe, Helena sent Harry Sims home, but he didn't make it.

We mentioned Brave and the Bold #200 had a senior citizen Joker: pre-Crisis on Earth-2, the Joker outlived Batman. Not sure why he'd be at the prison instead of the traditional Arkham, though. Hopefully Helena gets to deliver a stout beating about the face next issue...


SallyP said...

I looked at that very first scan, and immediately thought..."Aw...they're hugging!"

Apparently not.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha! Nice one Sally. Oddly appropriate in that context since it's Valentine's Day.

Interesting story, even if you're right about the d-lister Lionmane. Probably a good thing he never made into post-CRISIS continuity.

He kinda' looks like a Blockbuster reject. The villain, not the failed movie rental chain;)

Hope you're having a decent enough V-day Goo:)