Monday, February 03, 2014

The most toyetic book in the quarter bin!

Good news! Got a new (used) car, that should last me for a stretch. Bad news, I did have to front a bit more cash up front than I expected. Anyone in the market for a used blog? Fine, then, we'll press on. Although don't be surprised if the quarterbooks tag is used a helluva lot in February. Like for today's book! I bought it back in 1989, but picked up a new copy of Manhunter #12, "Losers Weepers, conclusion" Written by John Ostrander and Kim Yale, pencils by Doug Rice, inks by Pablo Marcos.

In Australia after the crossover Invasion!, Manhunter Mark Shaw is working with a salvage company to recover a downed alien robot from a former employee. Said employee tried to keep the robot for himself, and the Yakuza, Lexcorp, and American and Russian governments have all sent agents to try and poach it. The Lexcorp agent has a variation of the green and purple battlesuit Luthor sometimes wore, while the Rocket Red armor and cool Checkmate uniform all play to the strengths of Doug Rice's art. Manhunter himself actually had an add-on suit upgrade the start of this storyline, but I had forgotten it was smashed before this issue.

The battle with the giant robot is wrapped up surprisingly quickly, since the second half of the book is a fairy tale from Kim Yale with art by Sam Kieth! This series would be cancelled by Manhunter #24, but I kinda suspect its sales would be considered staggeringly good by today's standards...

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Dale Bagwell said...

That's so sweet Doug Rice/Kim Yale art, not to mention how spooky(intentional or not) Sam Keith's art on that story looks. But for some really vintage creepy Sam Keith art, check out his run on early issues of Gaiman's Sandman. Freaky!!!!!

Glad you got a new car on such short notice. That's my goal for this year; finally own, or close to, owning a new(used) car myself. Keep livin' the dream right?;)

Hope you were rooting for the Seahawks(of course you did) because damn did they demolish Denver. And good on em' too! I still have a grudge against the Broncos for knocking my Steelers out of AFC championship contention back in '89/90(?)