Monday, January 04, 2016

There was still a good stack of figures I wasn't able to get to for last week's Year in Toys post, and a couple of them haven't got as much attention as I would like. (I've partially plotted a Misty Knight strip, but haven't gotten around to doing it yet!) Almost surprisingly, it's three days into the year (as I write this!) and I haven't bought a new figure yet. I may cave and buy an armored Batman or Wonder Woman figure, or maybe TV's Flash or Arrow; but seeing that my spending on action figures has been up about $400 a year, each year, since 2013: that's left me a little gun-shy. For the moment.

I am wondering if I'm going to be as "all-in" as I was last year. If I drop $40+ on Arrow and Flash, am I then going to be locked in to the remaining four figures to build the...ugh...Justice Buster? (Even for comics, that's a ridiculous name.) The same goes for the Batman v. Superman movie figures, with a build-a-Grappling Gun? An interesting choice, but I don't know if that would sell me to the same extent as a build-a-figure. (I have an unrelated sentimental attachment to the previous, Man of Steel MM Superman; so I'd probably only get a new movie Supes if they fixed the neck joint so he could look up!)

I don't even know about the next two Marvel Legends waves: I'm pretty sure I'm down for all of the Capwolf/Red Onslaught wave, but the Spider-Gwen/Absorbing Man one I might cherry-pick on. (The Ben Reilly Spidey and Venom look all right, but aren't 100% necessary.) And I'm giving a couple of places a little time, to see if some figures drop to 75% off: some Funko figures like Evolve and Firefly. And it's entirely possible I've bought a figure between writing and posting this. We'll see.

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Dale Bagwell said...

I wish I could cherry pick on the Absorbing Man wave, skipping That sensational Spider-Man, but I'll wind up getting the whole set anyways. Passing hard on that upcoming DC Classics like Justice-Buster wave, other than maybe the Obama Superman figure. Then there's the Walmart exclusive wave with DKR Superman, Batman, and one of the sons of Batman(based off the guy Gardner body) being based off the MOTU bucks.