Wednesday, March 15, 2017


For science! Or, well, for "science." Either way. Pity there's yet to be a High Evolutionary figure; although he'd probably try to show up Jackal and Sinister by making a goat-person or something.

We tried using the Ultimate Batcave for the backgrounds today. It came with a pretty good set of stickers, that would've been easier to put on before putting that thing together. And Jackal is holding an accessory from a lot I bought on eBay, of Star Trek accessories--but a lot of them were over-sized for six-inch figures.


Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha ha. Love it. I could read about these guys doing shit like this all day. *Hint, hint*

Yeah, a High Evolutionary figure would be cool to use to interact with these guys, plus another guy to bother the Avengers.

Shit, starting to regret selling my Mr. Sinister figure now.

SallyP said...

Yes... they are bros, not pervs.