Monday, March 27, 2017

Not much of a post today, sorry.

Marvel's Essential line of black and white reprints ended a few years back (2013 per the Wikipedia page) while DC's Showcase Presents is maybe still ongoing? So of course I decided I needed a bunch more of them, after filling up these shelves. Over the weekend, I read Showcase Presents: Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 5, Essential X-Men #5, Essential Spider-Man #10. That's a lot of black-and-white pages!

Since now I'm sweating these drying up on me, I sprung for the Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe first edition--which doesn't seem to be on Amazon, but the Comic Book Shop had one. I still have my original issues from when they came out, but it's a nice collection. Then eBay delivered Essential Captain America #3-4 and Marvel Two-in-One #4; for way cheaper than Amazon. So I'm back to several hundred pages to read again.

Some of these are going to be harder to find than others--I kind of want Marvel Horror, if I can it without paying more than it would be for the original issues. Keeping my eyes open...(EDIT: Note to self: I totally have the Frankenstein Essential somewhere, check more boxes!)


Dale Bagwell said...

They shouldn't have stopped, seeing as how you were getting a good deal on a collection of those back issues on the cheap. Even if it's in black and white format. Not for me, but a really good deal for old fans and for new ones.

Ronnie said...

I read these a lot as a kid. I read all of the ASM ones I could get my hands on. Read them until they fell apart at the spine.