Tuesday, March 07, 2017

It's not like I'm the $6.95 Kid.

Today, I moved a number of boxes from my garage and put books on the shelves; which gave me the chance to revisit a number of old favorites. And today's book, a comic I waited years for, mostly because I steadfastly refused to pay $6.95 cover price. From 1995, Two-Gun Kid: the Sunset Riders, "Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge" and "Living Past Tomorrow" Written by Fabian Nicieza, pencils by Christian Gorney and Alex Maleev, inks by Michael Halbeib.

Western hero Matt Hawk had lived a complicated life: he had been a lawyer yet also an outlaw, under the name Two-Gun Kid. He had been to the future--the far-flung 1970's!--and returned knowing his destiny, specifically the date and manner of his death. Pre-Wikipedia, he must've had to read a lot of old newspapers or microfiche or something to find that out; unless they made a movie of it, since blowing up a mountain full of oil in Alaska seems like a memorable way to go out. With Russian, Japanese, Canadian and American forces all fighting for the oil, Two-Gun is forced to keep any of them from getting it; but only seemingly dies in the explosion, and is relieved that his final fate is now unknown to him again.

I don't know why Marvel published this one as a two-issue prestige format book, instead of four regular issues or something. The two chapters this issue would've been a few pages over-length for that; but it was more likely a cash grab. Shelves full'a "prestige" books, reckon I could count on my thumbs how many of them deserved it. The cover, with Two-Gun shooting a very anachronistic Uzi into the air, always made me want to read it; but the cover's easily the best part: he doesn't shoot it inside this comic! Two-Gun has some weapons from the future, that he mentions were sent back with him by...whoever sent him back to the past. Reading a wiki entry, it was the Collector's time machine, but did his pal Hawkeye sent him back? It wouldn't be out of character for Hawkeye to also send him some weapons--Hawkeye never struck me as the type to give a lot of worry to the space-time continuum--but Two-Gun describes the weapons as "a cruel entertainment to see what I would do with them." That doesn't sound like something Hawkeye would do. Maybe it was established in the previous issue, but I'll never know if it's tagged $6.95.


CalvinPitt said...

I don't know how Two-Gun got back to his time, but I think Hawkeye actually went with him and stayed in the Old West for awhile. No idea how he got back to the present, either.

Dale Bagwell said...

I can't remember either, but didn't they kinda answer that back in the Avengers Forever maxi-series?

SallyP said...

I do love Westerns, but futuristic Westerns just... don't really do it for me. Remember future Jonah Hex?