Friday, March 24, 2017

I've had the collections for Dark Empire and Dark Empire II for years: I didn't buy them new, but from a pawn shop in Missoula probably fairly close to when they were released. But I never found the collection for Empire's End, so the two singles for that stay on my bookshelf with the trades. From 1995, Star Wars: Empire's End #1-2, written by Tom Veitch, art by Jim Baikie.

I always thought it was weird that Marvel's adaptation of Return of the Jedi was only four issues, after Star Wars and Empire had both been six; and likewise I've always wondered why Empire's End was only given two issues to wrap it up, since both Dark Empires were six. It's a slightly bare-bones plot, though, even continuing from the previous series: the reborn Emperor Palpatine was struggling to stay reborn. He was down to his last clone body, and it was starting to disentegrate, and he needed Jedi genetic material for a new one. Moreover, with his new Galaxy Weapon capable of firing hyperspace missiles at any target, he should have the Rebels on the ropes; if not for shoddy workmanship: one missile hits within 50 yards of Han, Leia, and their kids, and doesn't explode! (At the very least, it probably should've caused explosive decompression.)

Several of the Jedis discovered during the first two series are killed off here, although Kam Solusar makes it; possibly because he was named after Dark Empire artist Cam Kennedy. Kind of wish Kennedy had drawn this, just for consistency.

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Dale Bagwell said...

I'm pretty sure I read the two Dark Empire trades at my local library a few years back, but not Empires' End.