Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Also featuring Wolverine, Sabretooth, Psylocke, Hercules, Dark Angel, Smith, and this line:

"Last one to the tower is a runny poo!" A line like that, you'd best save for the conclusion. From 1993, Battletide #4, written by Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett, art by Geoff Senior.

Hmm, I thought it was a two-word title, but it seems Battletide was the preferred usage. This was a four-issue, Marvel UK mini-series; featuring the heroes mentioned dragged into the usual Contest of Champions type gladiatorial combat; but it might've worked better keeping the focus on their leads, Death's Head II and Killpower. The latter had been introduced in Motormouth and was a genetically engineered warrior, but basically had the intellect and maturity of a ten-year-old. So, of course he thinks Death's Head II is about the coolest thing ever, even when the robot is trying to kill him!

As is, the book's thin yet overstuffed: with too many heroes, there really isn't space to flesh out the secondary opponents, or even give everyone something interesting to do. There's a germ of an idea with the champions Megaira and Termagent, who are a couple but also something else. And the titular Battletide, the "demonic embodiment of eternal war," is interesting but not looked at much. It reminded me of something from Grimjack, honestly. Why am I running across so much Marvel UK lately, though...?

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Dale Bagwell said...

So I looked up what "Runny Poo" meant. It's exactly what you think it is. Diarrhea...cha cha cha.