Friday, March 23, 2018

I would have to try a ride called, "Ball o'Whacks."

We saw the Legends of the Dead Earth Robin annual a week or two back, but I knew I had at least a couple besides that one. From 1996, Action Comics Annual #8, "A World of Hurt" Written by David Michelinie, art and story ideas by Kieron Dwyer.

In a far-off future, earth is so far gone we don't even see any proper humans the entire issue, except in flashback video footage or shape-changing stand-ins. Bizarro is a carnival performer, in a stage action show on the theme park planet Bizarro World; but is nearing the end of his popularity. Huggable, Barney-like new sensation Quedzl is becoming the headliner, and is so popular an intergalactic ambassador has to take his young daughter to see the show, even if his older son is too cool for that. But when terrorists take over the park, it's up to Bizarro to become the hero.

A fun little one-off, although not as fun as the more off-the-wall backwards antics usually associated with the Bizarro World. And this reminded me I had been thinking of another Dwyer issue I probably should've blogged long before now. Soon then, maybe.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Huh. Looks decent enough. Didn't you say you bought the more recent Bizzaro series?