Monday, March 26, 2018

Now it's a party.

Actually, I have no idea what that's about; but we're taking a look at this book before jerks try to mark it up for the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie. From 1993, Guardians of the Galaxy #37, "Time Bears all It Sons Away" Written by Michael Gallagher, pencils by Kevin West, inks by Steve Montano.

It may have taken a thousand years, but the dread Dormammu has finally triumphed over his long-time foe, the Ancient One. The current Ancient One, that is: Dr. Stephen Strange! And the Guardians may have given Dormammu the power to kill him, but no time for that now. Kruggar, the current Master of the Mystic Arts, tries to motivate his erstwhile apprentice, Talon, to free him; but the Inhuman Guardian relies too much on brute force. Major Victory works out a plan to distract Dormammu, until Kruggar and Talon can banish him back to the Dark Dimension. Surrounded by Mindless Ones and worn out from the fight, Dormammu seems worried...

Having proven himself worthy, Talon is given Dr. Strange's original square amulet. Then, the main team of Guardians was headed to earth with Hollywood, the hero known long ago as Wonder Man! Elsewhere, Wolverine descendant-slash-cosplayer Rancor makes an attempt on Dr. Doom's life, and was about to cut out his heart with a remnant of Wolvie's claw. There's also a partially seen character that seems to be protecting or exploiting the Inhumans; and has Loki's color scheme. Is it? Well, I only have a few issues from the back half of this series, so it may be a while before we see. I know that Eternal Sprite had similar coloring...That seems like a long shot, admittedly.

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