Monday, April 30, 2018

I had a brief window where there wasn't a lot of figures on the racks for me and before I paid my taxes, where I was if not flush with cash, I had a bit to spread around. And a bit of it went to Kickstarter. I chipped in just a bit to Rifftrax's 2018 Kickstarter, for the shorts: I'll go see the live shows in the theater. I was thinking I had backed Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett's Section Zero about the same time, but that might have been a bit ago. I have a signed one coming for that, so yay! But I did also just recently back Ron Randall's Trekker: Chapeltown as well.

Randall had been the artist for The Barren Earth, a long running back-up feature in Warlord, before eventually becoming the artist for Warlord itself! Aw, man: checking his name on the blog, he inked a few issues of the Keith Giffen Doom Patrol too. It was mostly on the strength of Barren Earth that I decided to throw in for Trekker, but I knew I had read it before at least in passing in Dark Horse Presents. Then, at a recent toy show, a local seller had a quarter bin with some, so I got Trekker #1-5 (from 1987-88) and the Trekker Color Special from 1989. I'm hoping to hit that box again at the next comic show, since I missed #6, but luckily enough Ron Randall is going to be a guest at the next Lilac City Comicon! (And Mike Grell, which'll be neat!)

And for Trekker itself? A fun little book! Solidly pulpy sci-fi. Mercy St. Clair is a bounty hunter, a Trekker; with the prerequisite tragic past and mildly surly attitude. (But not so tough as to seem indestructible or so mean as to be unlikable.) It's serialized over on Randall's site, give it a look!

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Dale Bagwell said...

Those pages look really, really good! Shit this and his Barren Earth art is waaaay better than his JLE period stuff. Even those DP fill-ins were better than his JLE stuff.