Monday, April 23, 2018

Can't make a silk purse out of that sow's ear. Or hundred square yards of fabric.

See, 'cause his cape is so big...Look, I don't think they had much to work with. From 1993, Stupid #1, story and art by Hilary Barta, script by Doug Rice.

Barta and Rice had done multiple spoofs for Marvel's What The--?!, and I only just realized Rice also did the 80's Manhunter book with John Ostrander. Today, we've got Stupid--a parody book from Image, although there is a next issue blurb promising full-color 3-D, this may have been the only issue!

Possibly because the early Image characters were on the verge of parody anyway, they may have been tough to make fun of. 26 pages of "Spewn," that's a tough one. Oddly, I haven't read that much Spawn (the Batman crossovers are the only ones I recall paying cash money for) but I want to say there was another one somewhere, where one of the key jokes was the green countdown timer that showed up when he used his powers? I guess Spawn is maybe a year or so away from 300 issues, so maybe there's more material to work with now? All I can think of was ToyFare making fun of how every McFarlane toy had mismatched boots...

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Dale Bagwell said...

Ha! So right on the nose here both with the title and parodies, although honestly, with the initial line-up of characters the image creators had (outside of Savage Dragon) they pretty much could all be regarded as parodies in and of themselves.