Friday, April 13, 2018

I've probably seen the ad for this book dozens of times, but only stumbled across a copy recently: from 1988, Aquaman Special #1, "The Missing Peace" Written by Gary Cohn and Dan Mishkin, with special thanks to Fred Little; pencils by George Freeman; inks by Mark Pacella.

This takes place shortly after the 1986 Aquaman limited, in which he had been forced to kill his brother, Ocean Master. (No idea how long that one stuck; maybe until Peter David's run.) While he seems confident, even attempting to retake the throne of Atlantis, he also has surprisingly severe mood swings. Which might have something to do with the psychic disturbance caused by a Russian scientist investigating Atlantean mystic artifacts. For some reason, I thought the scientist looked like Walt Simonson. Weird.

There's some business with part of Aquaman's soul or spirit missing, as shown by nightmare sequences of him on the moon, trying to swim home. Interesting, if a bit slight. Mera guest-stars, but is mostly just there to support her then-husband. I thought she was written out before the 1991 series: I remember buying that one, but don't recall her in it.

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Dale Bagwell said...

That's definitely some interesting facial expression art right there. Reminds of the kind of ugly/rough European animation style of the MTV animated Aeon Flux series.