Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Sometimes, I seem to find comics in waves; or like hitting a vein of gold or platinum. Maybe chromium in this case. Anyway, I keep running across Marvel UK books of late: we saw Battletide a bit ago, and Death's Head II #1, Dark Guard #1, and Death3 earlier. Those books ranged from "meh" to "okay," but today's book is the best, yes? From 1988, Death's Head #1, "Death's Head Revisited" Writen by Simon Furman, pencils by Bryan Hitch, inks by Mark Farmer.

In 8162, the repaired Death's Head android remains inert; seemingly refusing to reactivate. In DH's head, we see three short stories about his bounty hunter code; as he "orders his thoughts," before declaring himself open for business again. It's not the deepest story ever, but enough to get the series started. This was after his appearances in Transformers UK, Doctor Who, and Dragon's Claws; but the fact that he had been much, much larger at one point is glossed over here.

For good measure, here are the house ads from that issue for Dragon's Claws and Transformers.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Growing up as a kid in Germany, I got to see my beloved Transformers published in two ways: the American series version by Marvel and the German version of the Transformers UK series. Definitely a difference in art and tone of the stories, and I throughly enjoyed both. Hell, the first comic I was ever exposed to with cussing was a German reprint of Transformers Uk issue of a one-on-one battle between Ultra Magnus and Galvatron, with Magnus getting his ass handed to him, with some human chick crying out "Goddamnit!" in German. Apparently her leg was crushed and stuck in a burning car. Magnus couldn't help because he was too busy having his eye lenses crushed. Good stuff man.