Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Ugh, the many fills. After the break there's a few saved without them. As I do these, my rickety old computer is mightily struggling when asked to do...anything really, it's embarrassingly old. But one of the reasons I haven't upgraded is because the software I use is no longer supported, and I might have to get and learn a new one if I got a new computer. (And I did just get a new computer...)

"Ficky ficky booly booly" is from an Evan Dorkin comic--I think--but I have no idea if it's a reference to anything.


Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha! Another good one. Clever idea having 'Pool buried underneath all those thoughts. I they're cutouts, but they also look reinforced or something.
That song by Kylie really isn't a bad song to get stuck in your head, depending on your age range....shit I just think you rick-rolled me now with that song. Damnit.

H said...

Don't know if it actually was a reference to anything but I think ficky ficky booly booly is from the Eltingville Club story where Bill gets kidnapped by deprogrammers. Need to find my hc to be sure, though.