Monday, June 11, 2018

I have to wonder if they got a better Green Lantern movie than we did...

When last we saw Cameron Chase, Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, helped Batman and Nightwing cover their secret identities; today after watching the Green Lantern movie she tells a friend about when she and her pals met him, in her second-to-last issue: from 1998, Chase #9, "In Darkest Night" Plot and script by D. Curtis Johnson, plot and pencils (1, 22) J.H. Williams III, pencils and inks (2-22) Charles Adlard, inks (1, 22) Mick Gray.

Cameron and company had another run-in with the Cult of the Broken Circle, who they describe as "always getting mixed up with the wrong sorts" like Klarion the Witch Boy or talking gorillas--it's tough to narrow down the specific one of the latter, from that description. This time, the Cult appears to be worshiping, and making sacrifices to, an ATM machine. Which sounds nutty, but they see a cultist seemingly disintegrated by "Atem"!

Green Lantern shows up and helps mop up the Cult, then his 'friend' Hal Jordan goes to Cameron for help finding his cousin, also Hal, whom we know as Air Wave. Kinda seems like he might have something to do with "Atem," huh? After the story, one of Chase's friends wonders if they shouldn't have seen GL was going bad (I didn't realize his Parallax turn was public knowledge) but she feels the good outweighed the bad. Also, if GL came back from the dead, it would make that movie seem pretty silly...

Like the Creeper, Chase would end with the #1,000,000 crossover issue; but unlike the Creeper, I don't think the regular Chase would even appear in her last issue!


Dale Bagwell said...

So a cult chooses to worship an ATM that just so happens to be inhabited by an electrical superhero against his will. Only in comics folks, only in comics.

Well that and the National Inquirer too apparently.

Didn't Airwave get killed off during Infinite Crisis?

googum said...

I think so. I was just reading the JSA "Our Worlds at War" issue, and Air Wave's in that, because they need a communications guy. It's like only inviting a friend over when you have to move.

His power set is almost designed for him to be "killed" then return, though.

SallyP said...

Oh God...Air Wave.

I wanted to like the Green Lantern movie, and some of it wasn't bad, but made the fatal mistake of cramming too many villainsinto it. Sinestro was great though.