Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Part of the crossover only in name, and not even that!

We've seen two issues of the "Batman Dies!" event so far: Batman #586 and Nightwing #52, and the latter actually featured Catwoman's imaginary version of Batman's death--and wedding! So in her own book, we get...Harley Quinn's vision of Batman's death? No, her creative vision? From 2001, Catwoman #89, "Always Leave 'Em Laughing" Written by Bronwyn Carlton, pencils by Staz Johnson and Craig Rousseau, inks by Wayne Faucher.

An early issue of Superboy is probably a better known example of this: an in-story version of DC's animated universe/Batman: the Animated Series. (Ooh, Mike Parobeck art on that Superboy! I know I've got a copy somewhere...) Dr. Quinzel is having trouble getting past the pitch stage, though: her vision of Catwoman and her best bud Harley Quinn (and their pal, Poison Ivy) is undercut by notes and revisions, until "Catwoman" is a "16-year old science prodigy," and Harley and Ivy are even more drastically changed. Pissed that it was no longer her story, Harley murders the network exec types with Joker gas. Which is more-or-less done for a lame punchline, but does kind of undermine Harl as a sympathetic character, doesn't it?

The "Batman Dies!" on the cover is crossed out and corrected to "Batman doesn't die!" Not that there was any continuity or crossover on that event, though. Four issues of that event left, and I don't think I have any of them off the top of my head. Again, this was largely to have a laugh before the "Officer Down" crossover; though offhand the Birds of Prey issue looks funnier than this.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Huh. Sounds like a nice one and done.