Wednesday, June 20, 2018


I think Gwen referred to Pool's space trip as "dicking around" last week as well; and if I had been a little more on the ball editorially I would've changed the wording for one of them. Drawing a blank as to what right this second, though: I don't usually use "farting around," and "gadding about" doesn't quite fit. Anyway.

Deadpool's "There is a man with a typewriter" was of course from Christopher Priest's run, which I'm not sure gets the love it deserves. It does raise the ever-popular question, just how crazy is Deadpool? It can run from moderately insane, to it being an act or brave front that he puts on to deal with his problems, to multiple levels of brainwashing and/or PTSD. And that's before you get to the third wall breaking. When I play with him, Pool's a well-meaning if completely unhelpful goof with not a lot of impulse control. Which may not be how he's usually portrayed today, but eh, the wheel will spin again, I'm sure.

Pool also acts like he can see italics in the word balloons, but Gwen can definitely see the captions...

Oh, and don't search "X-Men World Tour" because you'll get some Mark Millar Ultimate thing, but back in the early Claremont day travel seemed to be a bigger deal for them than most other superhero teams. Sure, in a Justice League comic team members might go to Easter Island or whatever, but never for long...or with a lot of reference. I remember Steven T. Seagle specifically referencing that he was going to do the tour in his Uncanny X-Men run.


Dale Bagwell said...

No, Dicking around sounds about right, no offense or anything, ha ha.
Gwen's just telling it like it is. I do believe you're making me enjoy her and her dialogue more and more. Probably the perfect, or one of the more ideal persons to put 'Pool in check I feel...besides Kurt, although his effectiveness these days in questionable at best. It'll happen I guess.

Looking forward to next week as usual.

SallyP said...

Well...she's not wrong, I guess.