Thursday, August 01, 2019

Well, USAgent is nicer than ICE, anyway.

Admittedly, he's less aid-and-comforting refugees than trying to recruit them into his army, but it's still an improvement. Arguably. From 2000, Maximum Security #2, "A World of Hurt" Written by Kurt Busiek, pencils by Jerry Ordway, inks by Will Blyberg.

This wasn't going to be so much a full post, as a "yay, I found a mini-series issue I was missing!" And bought it without buying half the rest of the series, too! We checked out the last issue of this crossover last year; this issue is just ratcheting up the tension and getting all the players into position. USAgent doubles down on being a dick, criticizing the way the Wasp was coordinating earth's heroes, then resolving to fight Ronan with the aliens that had been imprisoned on earth. His reasoning is that the aliens "don't want to be here any more than we want them here!" but that may not be true across the board. Many may have been refugees or homeless, gathered up by the "Ruul" just to get rid of them. And I went with the page above just for the Pogo cameo!

Also this issue: Quasar gets the call back to earth, I'm sure that's going to be great for him. The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and the Silver Surfer are trying to contain an outbreak of Ego the Living Planet. The Surfer has volunteered to be the host to contain Ego, even though it feels like Reed has told him fourteen times this issue that it could kill him, so that doesn't seem to be a dealbreaker. And USAgent realizes the true identity of the Ruul...somehow, since I was hard-pressed to say he'd interacted with their old form; and I think just barely. But the Agent probably read all the files and briefings. Nerd.

And for good measure, I can't believe this comic was from 2000, or that it's my birthday today! I'm well out of the office, but help yourself to some cake. Somewhere.

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

I mainly skipped this one, as it just seemed.....uninteresting to me at the time. Now? Super-relevant as hell considering the current administration's stance on immigration.

I had the Iron Man tie-ins though, but that was mainly because I was collecting IM at the time and because I liked the story with that alien refugee bad guy who was called Prof. Power and sold super-powers( with a time limit unbeknownst to the buyers) to regular people. Good stuff.

Interesting idea to use the alien refugees to fight off alien invaders. The whole things reminds me of the Bay of Pigs incident.

Wished you Happy Birthday on FB and Twitter, but Happy Birthday Goo! Hope you buy lots of figures, or and the ones you order ship out or arrive today.