Friday, January 17, 2020

Fine, I guess I'll just read comics at home then! (Sniff!)

Ah, MST3K Live got snowed out and postponed to February 6! Guess I've got time to read a comic then. Oh, no. From 1978, Invaders #25, "The Power and the Panzers!" Written and edited by Roy Thomas, pencils by Frank Robbins, inks by Frank Springer.

Egyptian archaeologist Dr. Faoul is dead, or so he claims, since he's now the Blue Beetle er, Scarlet Scarab! Wow, I am not letting that bit go. He's kicking the tar out of Namor and the Human Torch, since he's on the side of the Nazis against the hated British. Union Jack and Spitfire both get a little huffy there, with Jack noting the Brits had been in Egypt for over a century. Namor suggests, maybe that's long enough.

As you'd expect, it doesn't take long for the Nazis to show their true colors, as they maybe kill, maybe threaten a pair of survivors in a bombed-out village. That section isn't clear, but while the Scarab turns on the Nazis, he makes it clear he'd fight the Allies too "if they tried to level a peaceful village!" Jack again takes that as a slight, like obviously the British would have a jolly good reason if they had to level said village. Meanwhile, there's more hurt feelings and racism in America, as Bucky tries to get the ailing Toro to Doctor Sabuki, only to find he has been 're-located' to an internment camp. Also, some dick bought his house "for a song."

I had to go back through the covers for this series, since I swore somebody is thrown bodily every cover. Eh, it's maybe 20% or so.

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Damn dude, that sucks. At least it's only postponed for the moment, but still I know how disappointed you gotta be.

This looks like an actually pretty good story that forces the reader to think a little. Props to Thomas for pointing out that the Allies weren't exactly choir boys either, considering the unfair practices both the US and Britain were involved in, the US for their racism against Blacks and Asians, and the British for their imperialism, spreading their influence and control into countries like Egypt (didn't know that for some reason) India, and Hong Kong.

The other crime here, is the fucking art. Jesus, I'll never get tired of pointing out just how bad Frank Robbins art is.