Sunday, July 16, 2006

From "The Power of Iron Man!" Reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes #37, Plotted by Stan Lee, scripted by Roy Thomas, pencils by Jack Kirby (Gene Colan did the first two pages then got sick!) and inks by Dick Ayers. Sub-Mariner and Iron Man duke it out again, in a fight that seems a lot more even than the recent thrashing Tony received in the Illuminati issue.

The story opens with Iron Man and Namor both refreshed and ready to go: Namor after taking a dip, Tony with a new armor. It's a couple pages in before the reason for the fight is revealed: somehow Namor thinks Iron Man is responsible for keeping him from catching up to Lady Dorma, who he thinks has betrayed him. Instead of continuing after her, Namor has to take it out on Iron Man; since he's Namor and this is a Marvel comic.

This is about the end of Iron Man week, and I really enjoyed looking back at some of the old highlights and lowlights in his history. Sometimes I don't agree with the direction the character is taken, but he usually comes back to center soon enough. And I figure the movie will probably change his origin again anyway...

I may still come back to "Vegas Bleeds Neon," which was the last three-parter before the Secretary of Defense storyline. But for now, the Happenstance method will probably go back to Random. So, what's coming up next? Geez, your guess is probably better than mine.

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