Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mr. Fantastic owns a ton of Stridex stock, too.
I've heard of industrial espionage, but Reed's on to industrial blackmail.

Is it just me, or does it seem like Reed is going to use his invention for extortion? After all, wouldn't Revlon, OxyClear, and other makeup and cleaner companies be out millions if he cured acne, zits, eczema, backne, general fugliness, etc.? Previously, we saw Reed's Thought Projector Helmet, which should be crushing the hell out of plasma screen sales this year at Best Buy or whatever.

That would also explain why the Fantasticar has a nuclear engine that flies, gets almost unlimited mileage, and doesn't pollute; yet 99.99999% of the cars in the Marvel Universe still get about seven miles a gallon in the city. (That other .00001%? A.I.M. has a great hybrid, the Mileage Optimizing Driver Oriented Kruiser...oh, that's terrible.) OPEC is obviously funding the Fantastic Four, Reed's experiments in everything, and probably Civil War; all so Reed doesn't eliminate fossil fuel use by any given Tuesday.

From Fantastic Four #512, "Spider Sense, Part 1" Written by Mark Waid, pencils by Mike Wieringo, and Karl Kesel. Honestly, this issue is great: tired of being hated by the public, Johnny Storm goes to Spider-Man for advice. Hilarity, and Hydro-man ensues.

Family in town, so dogging it the next couple days. Maybe. Have a good weekend, and check out the new blogs on the sidebar...if I get that finished...

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