Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This is:
I swear, this was a better joke six months ago when I thought of it.
A. Two guys that laugh at but secretly envy Rom.

B. The reason Robocop can't work in comics and Deathlok can't work in movies, respectively.

C. About two hours of not blogging. Hooray for productivity!

D. Highend for their time, but I'm pretty sure the iPod Nano has more memory, and in Deathlok's case, more killpower.

The day after Thanksgiving I picked up Robocop on DVD to replace my VHS copy. While it was under four bucks at Wal-mart, I was a little disappointed this version didn't have any deleted scenes, such as the extended version of the ED-209 gunning down an executive during a demonstration. Admittedly, I have little right to expect more than the bare-bones film for $4, but since the extras were already out there they would have been nice to have.

In case it's not obvious, Robocop is one of my favorite movies ever, and definitely my favorite Christ allegory. Seriously. The scene where Murphy's gunned down by the gang led by Foreman's dad is the crucifixion. Watch it again, and for God's sake pay attention this time. (I did in fact write a crappy paper on this in college, but director Paul Verhoeven actually did have that in mind.)

Of course, sharp-eyed comics fans will have noticed a robber pick up an issue of Rom before attempting to knock over a convenience store, but Robocop has more in common with Deathlok there: both are from rather unpleasant cautionary-tale futures, both have unpleasantly invasive computers, and most importantly, both weren't volunteers, Rom was. Of course, in his last issue Rom regains his humanity, something Robocop and Deathlok probably never will. They aren't in that kind of story.

Anyway. The camera was a birthday-Christmas present from my folks, and is full of pictures of my wife and those kids, but I won't be putting those up here. I do intend to do more toy related nonsense, and will hopefully get better word balloons going in the future. Any tips, let me know.

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