Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Quarter book roundup!
Even if I had paid full price for this one, these two panels would've been worth the whole issue.  As it is, I bought two.
I think I see why I don't do this very often. Typing up the list alone was a pain in the rump, then the random comments on the ones needing commenting on pro or con, then a chunk of the list mysteriously disappeared when I took the dogs out. And more possibly tomorrow, if I'm lucky.
Marvel Spotlight: Civil War Aftermath (An ad. Totally missable.)
Ms. Marvel #13
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season Eight) #1 (I watched the show when it was on, and this was a solid read. I might not buy it every month, but I'll probably at least read it when it's done.)
X-Factor #17 (Probably the best book I should be buying here.)
Punisher Xmas one-shot
Justice League Unlimited #28
Blade #4
Infinite Holiday Special (Four Christmas issues in a row. It doesn't help that it's been like 90 degrees here lately, but while none were terrible, none were holiday classics either.)
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #212-213 (#213 has a very stylized Walt Simonson cover, I'll be blogging this one later)
Punisher War Journal #2
Robin #156
Wonder Woman #5 (This and the Robin above? After school specials. Good, but that's what they were.)
Spirit #2 (Darwyn Cooke draws the hell out of it, but I just have never really gotten on board with the Spirit, possibly because he never seems like the main character.)
Flash #11
Supergirl #13 (Not one of the worst issues, but the build-up of Powerboy is just to make his heel turn "surprising.")
If only I could travel back in time, and make that my yearbook photo.  Sigh.Uncanny X-Men #481
Agent X #5 (art by Udon)
Fell #8 (I had these last three already. While Fell is probably better, I make no bones about my love for Agent X. If you don't have the Gail Simone or Evan Dorkin issues, be sad now.)
Son of M #6
Spider-Man: Reign #2
Agent of Atlas #5
Star Trek: TNG The Space Between #2-3
Fantastic Four: The End #4-5 (And now a smattering of random limited series issues. The Trek issues were good, FF: The End made me want to buy the last issue, but the Agent of Atlas issue made me want the whole series.)
Superman #659
X-Men/Power Pack #4
Spider-Man/Power Pack #3 (I like these a surprising amount, since I never liked Power Pack in their heyday, but Marc Sumerak writes the hell out of them, and Gurihiru has been great on the main stories. But Chris Giarrusso's back-up features make this one, as you can see in the panel above. I heard his World War Hulk piece was the MVP of that issue too...)
Family Guy: Peter Griffin's Guide to Parenting (If you're a fan of the show, it's not terrible, but $6.95? Bullplop.)
Frontline #10 (Wake me when we get to the issue where Speedball/Penance/Whippingboy has to break Squirrel Girl's heart, it would make more sense.)
Catwoman #62, 64 (Not bad, despite the copout of Helena's father. Oh, it is a copout.)
Conan #37
Ultimate Power #2 (Honestly, not as terrible as I was expecting, but when does it end?)
Mighty Avengers #2 (Ditto. Bendis and Cho.)I have to wonder how many times Jan's lost her eyebrows over the years.
Detective Comics #828
Ultimate X-Men #77
Astonishing X-Men #19-20 (Feels like more should be happening, somehow, even without the extended wait between issues.)
Green Lantern #17 (I think I'd have preferred a full issue of a cracked-out Batman tearing around with a yellow power ring, but not bad.)
World War III #1-4 (I read something by Mark Waid on Kingdom Come, how it wasn't a story about every little superhero footsoldier, it was a Superman story. I thought that was dumb, since I was more interested in some of the footsoldiers. I was wrong, Mark, I was wrong.)
52 weeks 34, 37, 45, 50 (What are...the weeks I'd skip any given year of school? Ah, my Karnak needs work.)

And that's the lot. I'm all about the quantity here.

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