Friday, July 13, 2007

Skrullduggery Week, Day Five: A fun Skrull fact.
Ben spends the top half of this page bitching out the Kree, so don't think he's completely singled out the Skrulls.
Ben Grimm, the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing, hates him some Skrulls.
Yeah, I can see how this would engender ill will...
Seriously, don't get him started on them.
OK, I can see how that would add to the hostility, yeah...
Unless you've got all day to listen to Ben carry on about it.
What sucks more: getting asskicked by Iron Skrull, or getting asskicked by Iron Skrull during 20 minutes of narration about Deathblow?
Enough preamble, it's Friday Night Fights time again, so let's get into it!
I would pay serious money to see Ben beat on a Nazi Skrull.  Hell.  Yeah.
Hey, Ben's Jewish and he says that? The Skrulls must sssssssuck.
If you've got a Skrull in your book, expect a Thing guest-spot.  It'll come.
Skrullduggery Week isn't over yet, although I think I may give it the weekend off. Possibly more tonight, and hit Bahlactus for more Friday Night Fights!

From The Thing: Freakshow #3, "Strange Things" Written by Geoff Johns, pencils by Scott Kolins, inks by Andy Lanning and Doug Hazlewood. My copy's pretty beat, but love that cover.

From Fantastic Four #91, "The Thing--Enslaved!" Written by Stan Lee, art by Jack Kirby, inks by Joe Sinnott. Abducted by a Skrull Slaver, Ben is sold to a 1920's gangster-style planet to fight in gladiatorial games. Was Star Trek on when you did this one, guys?

From Fantastic Four #208, "The Power of the Sphinx!" Written and edited by Marv Wolfman, art by Sal Buscema and "D. Hands."

From Iron Man volume 2 #13, "World War III, part 3: No Time to Mourn" Written by James Robinson, pencils by Larry Stroman, inks by JD & Homage Studios. (The Deathblow narration was to build up the surprise: he had appeared in shadow in part 1, and had at the time been dead in the regular continuity.)

From Fantastic Four #250, "X-Factor" Storyteller John Byrne. Bought this one when I was eleven, and I love it no matter how grumpy John gets.

From Captain America volume 3 #7, "Power and Glory, chapter three: Hoaxed" Written by Mark Waid, art by Andy Kubert and Jesse Delperdang, and Dale Eaglesham and Scott Koblish, elsewhere in the book.

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SallyP said...

Oh those naughty naughty Skrulls. I don't blame Ben a bit.