Friday, July 06, 2007

At long last, Friday Night Fights!
'Oh, if that's how you want it, you take Sinestro, Carter. I'll hang back in case the Gentleman Ghost shows up.'
I don't want to oversell this issue, but when the second half features Sinestro knocking over a skyscraper in San Francisco, and that isn't even the most exciting part of the comic? Hell, it's even a bit of a letdown after the first half. Although, it is a good excuse to see Hawkman on the receiving end of a beating.
Countdown to asskicking in three, two...
Even though Sinestro is Green Lantern's villain, Hawkman sticks him on a point of order: he has monitor duty. Captain Comet and Hawkman take this one, but Hawkman doesn't make as good of a showing as he would've hoped.
With his own mace, even. Cold. Hey, is Sinestro still rocking the giant earring?Sinestro smashes Hawkman's anti-gravity belt, leaving him to fall and buying time to bail out into space. Huh, you'd think he would want to hang out and see the destruction, but Sinestro plays it smart.

Only Captain Comet can stop the building from collapsing (the narration is odd, noting Superman could stop the building from falling by "merely lifting a pinky," but the Captain has to put his back into it) and stop Sinestro, using his mightier mental powers to override Sinestro's yellow power ring. Leaving Hawkman talking out of his beak:Yeah, it was a private battle. 'Cause you're useless.
Hawkman's gained a lot of respect in recent years, but this story's from around the Superfriends era, when he was just a guy who flapped around.

But, like I said, this wasn't the main event for this issue, so let's skip back to the front of this issue, where Mantis begs for his life, the Black Racer arrives, and Darkseid faces the assault of the Secret Society of Super-Villains!

I don't have the previous issue, and there's no recap or reason given for this one. Suffice to say, the Society is going to take Darkseid down. They know why. Darkseid dismisses the Black Racer, as if he was a vulture, stating if he's patient there will be more victims; and sets Mantis on the Society.
Oh, and Digger helped too...somehow.
Currently, the Society consists of undercover hero Captain Comet, Flash Rouges' Gallery regulars (back when that meant something) Mirror Master and Captains Cold and Boomerang, Star Sapphire (not Carol Ferris...I don't think) and another clone of Manhunter Paul Kirk. From what I can piece together, Comet and Manhunter were trying to use evil against evil, and this may be the most successful they ever were at that.
Now with Flash-killing action!
Left against Mantis, a warrior that has fought Superman to a standstill, the Rouges don't even work up a sweat. Well, they probably never sweat much with Cold around, but you see what I mean. Comet puts the finishers on Mantis, leaving Manhunter clear to make a run on Darkseid.
If anyone has a vague idea why this clone has the mad-on for Darkseid, let me know...
A suicide run.
There's a general recall on the '77 Manhunters, since they'll explode if you look at them funny...

The 'Endgame' comes on page 7 of the comic, so naturally the rest of the book is a bit of a comedown--it's why heavyweight title fights don't come before the bantamweight matches. Especially when the next few pages are devoted to thinly-veiled Stan Lee parody Funky Flashman, Comet pulling Green Lantern out of a hole he's apparently been in for issues, and Green Arrow being much more of a dick than usual.

Even putting aside that I have only the vaguest idea what's going on this issue, it's jarring to see how much of it is back in vogue in current DC comics. Sinestro has his own corps, Star Sapphire and Captain Comet have recently made appearances, Darkseid's due back in short order, and the Rouges recently had their greatest victory ever...beating to death a child in a grown-up's costume. All of a sudden, this issue seems a lot better, especially when you factor in a mere thirty cents cover price, versus various and sundry purchases of Countdown, Flash, Green Lantern, Mystery in Space, JLA, and so on, and so forth. From The Secret Society of Super Villains #5, "Endgame!" Written by Bob Rozakis, art by Rich Buckler and Vince Colletta.

And again, this one's for Always Bet on Bahlactus, home of Friday Night Fights. Bring back Milestone Mondays while you're at it!


SallyP said...

This looks to be pretty good actually. Hawkman is always something of an idiot, and I'm amazed that Hal just stood there and didn't make much of a fuss. He was probably tired of fighting with Sinestro anyway.

CalvinPitt said...

I keep looking over this post, and one thing keeps catching my eye: that giant hoop earring Sinestro is wearing.

It's as if he raided Max Klinger's wardrobe. Does he still do that, because I have to say if he does, I just got a lot less concerned about him and his cadre of evil loons.