Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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I saw Booster at the Comic Book Shop last week, and hadn't bought one yet; but didn't buy him until I had this idea for a strip. Similarly, I'm looking for a She-Hulk now, and I'm hoping no bright ideas jump out at me for Masterpiece Starscream or Ronan the Accuser or something.

Booster and Beetle, like the rest of the toys in this one, are from the DC Direct line, and were nowhere near as poseable as Marvel Legends. And they didn't seem to be as good of actors as the smaller Total Justice/JLA figures, either. Weird.

The Canary's the oldest DC Direct figure in this one, and a bit preposed for them. The Alex Ross Justice one looked nice, but geez, if you get one, you're in for the lot. The Identity Crisis Black Canary...not to my taste, let's leave it at that.

For a while, that Martian Manhunter was one of the more expensive DC Direct figures, since he was a fan-favorite that hadn't been redone. Now there's several, and mine has a toothpick for a knee pin, since the Oldest broke J'onn's leg when he took him for show-and-tell.

I swear, Booster has this Rainn Wilson smirk.  Or my wife leaves those office DVD's running too much.

The paper's from a Tom Tomorrow strip. Captain Atom's from the Superman/Batman line, based on Ed McGuiness art; and with really stubby arms. And I'm still about 20,000 words from the end of Nanowrimo, so maybe another post next week, if I get ahead. Have a good Thanksgiving!

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SallyP said...

Hee hee! Man, I have to get a Blue Beetle to go with my Booster figure. It comes with Skeets!