Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Nightmare After Halloween
Angel told Morbius to get a 'wingman,' but he completely missed the point of that story.
I had to work like hell to get the weapons out of that coffin (it came with a McFarlane Terminator figure, and was a bit small even there) and then Dracula didn't even have the decency to fit in it. Undead bastard.

Getting hammered and being disappointed who you wake up with, well, that can be a learning experience. (Note I didn't say 'sobering' there.)

Waking up with someone with a friggin' face on their hand? Yeah, it would take a while to work through that one.

Also, I was dead positive that I had more vampire action figures, until I started looking. For some unknown reason, "sea monsters" outnumbered "vampires" almost two-to-one, and they only slightly beat both "Frankensteins" and "werewolves." About halfway through the pictures, I wished I had Cassidy from Preacher, then I remembered winning him on eBay and never getting him. Damn eBay.

Tomorrow: some news, both good and bad.


SallyP said...

Now this was hilarious. That is a very cool coffin, by the way. Or hope chest. Or whatever.

Heinrich7 said...

Yeah, that was awesome!

And that Dracula figure looks to be one of the most poseable I've seen.