Thursday, January 24, 2008

Becalmed? Bestilled? Besmirched? One of those, maybe.

Weather-wise, it's like the doldrums here lately: calm, still, and clear. OK, I know the doldrums were warmer than six degrees, but the comparison's valid: there's no wind, the sky is a surprisingly inviting blue during the day, and nothing seems to be moving at all. (Oddly, as I look at the weather online right this second, it says it's six degrees out, but it lists the low as 11. Bwah?)

This is the time of year where if I could convince my family to either go along with it or join me, I would sleep an extra six hours a day. I'm sure there's lots of constructive things I could be doing, but it's cold and dry and a pain in the ass. The youngest has the croup or some generic kid ick, so I'm trying to avoid packing him up and dragging him around in this weather; thus, I haven't been to the comic shop in two weeks--a disturbingly long time for me.

Although it's been a bit, I think I only have four books in my box right now: Punisher, Fell, B.P.R.D. 1946, and possibly Dr. Sleepless. Think I missed an issue of that last one. I was also going to pick up Cable/Deadpool and Incredible Herc, and maybe that Marvel Adventures Spidey with Venom. There really is something to be said for those Marvel Adventures books, whether they're intended for kids or not: they're entertaining, they're done in one, they don't leave you feeling like you either have to read the last dozen issues or buy the next dozen to get the whole story.

In other news, the toy selection lately in this neck of the woods is nothing to write home about, but we will anyway. It's too cold to go anywhere, and then I get there and there's no restock--I have a Target gift card that I've earmarked for those DC Heroes figures I should've bought the one time I saw them, but they aren't back yet. Just a completely empty line of pegs.

And for no reason, I suddenly was stricken with an urge for Cyber Spider-Man. Image totally yanked from, check out their review! Often, I buy comics in this same fashion: all of a sudden, even if the toy or the comic has been out forever, and I've known it's been out there, suddenly it'll finally strike me that hey, I should buy this. Right now. Unfortunately, eBay didn't come up with one right this second, which is kind of surprising. It's nowhere near as good a figure as the Mecha-Hulk, the one with the little Gremlin figure.

It's just I was thinking about another robot character, who's name I won't mention since I might use them in a comic later; and it just struck me that Cyber Spider-Man is like the Superman Robots, and Spidey totally needs one of those. Nevermind how. Spidey's robot wouldn't look or sound or act like Spidey, and might even have a big wind-up key sticking out of his back; yet everyone would still think Cyber's the real deal. There's precedent for that in the Marvel Universe: pretty sure there was a rampaging robot 'She-Hulk' that looked like, I don't know, an old Iron Man suit painted green and shoved in a ripped dress.

Anyhow, Cyber Spider-Man: if anyone has a line on one, or wants to trade or sell it, let me know. Possibly a more substantial post tomorrow, if I can shake off those doldrums then.


Anonymous said...


You know you want it.

googum said...

Dan Jurgens, is that you? I told you, that was just a one time thing...

Seriously, yeah, probably. I liked a lot of the old Zero Hour issues, and I'll probably give this a shot.