Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Career Opportunities, part two
I didn't find an opening briefcase, I wanted a 'Pretty Woman' shot there.
The flickr page is so I can test the color...
"Career Opportunities, page 6"
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Wolvie's had other girl sidekicks, hasn't he?  I forget.
The 'New Mutants' are going to get more and more random as I beat this joke.
Khonshu panel on page six from Moon Knight #22, first series, the backup story "Moon over Alamein" Written by Alan Zelenetz, pencils by Greg La Rocque, inks by Joe Albelo. That was the best picture of the old statue out of a fistful of issues I grabbed the other day.

Trish from Devil May Cry takes the Marlene Alraune role, and Marlene predates Tomb Raider in hot gun-toting archeology by over a decade.

What was the main inspiration for this one? Would you believe geographical convenience? Since I had bought them on various lunch hours, Moon Knight, Batgirl, and Batman--yeah, and the Scarecrow and Bane, too--were all on my desk at work. Batgirl ended up placed more by MK, and since she couldn't lift her included 'Shadowtech' accessory, she held Moon Knight's staff...that sounded dirty. The rest wrote itself. (Incidentally, I hate the neck joint on that particular Batman.) I did borrow my son's Bane figure though, since mine came with his 'Osito' bear that's still rubberbanded to his arm.

I have at least two other Batgirl figures, and particularly like the Thrillkiller style one from DC Direct. But it's funnier, hopefully, with a tiny, rage-filled, new-animated style one. Let me know if it works, and check the "homemade posts" or "toys" label for old ones.

Also, while I do like the Marvel Legends Werewolf by Night, how cool would it be to have a crazy Bill Sienkiewicz style one? Ah, if only.

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CalvinPitt said...

If Batgirl's not interested, can I work at Spectorcorp? I want unlimited silver crescent throwing thingies!