Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Hey, Nyquil Driver."
Just get in the trunk, Chim-Chim.
I was trying to make fun, but hell, I think it has been twenty years...
Chuck Austen tried, but man, that was a long run of not good.
Fortunately, Pool's pants don't come off, since I can't imagine anything more horrible than being mooned by Deadpool.

I feel kind of bad that not only did it not do great at the box office, but I haven't seen Speed Racer yet; but the Oldest and I have been making out like bandits on discounted Speed Racer crap. Seven bucks for the "Real Sounds Mach V" at Wal-Mart, and well worth it for this. (Also, the Youngest got a good couple of minutes of enjoyment out of punching the buttons.) It's maybe not quite in scale for the Legends figures, maybe. I did try the Batman in the background, but I couldn't get him to fit, so it doesn't look like Wayne Industries is going to be buying the patent any time soon. Unless I try the DCUC one, but later.

The helmets are from a ton of figures, although I was looking for a couple I didn't find in time. The Nightcrawler in the car is from the Oldest's toy box, since his tail is removable, and he was able to cram into the driver's seat.

Chuck Austen wrote Uncanny X-Men for a long, long, and really not good run. He had some moments, and some ideas, but in the end, Austen freed more people from the tyranny of reading X-Men than puberty and video games combined.

"Hey, Nyquil Driver" is a line in They Might Be Giant's song "AKA Driver" from the album John Henry. The name may or may not have been changed for legal reasons, but a good song on a great album. Still love "End of the Tour." If I was ever forced onto American Idol, that would be the song for me, no one would know it, and my singing would suck.

This one was kinda knocked out on the fly, striking while the iron's hot and getting a head's up out for anyone else that might want to keep an eye out for a cheap Mach V. It's troubling, since while I sure as hell don't make enough money to pass up a good deal; if toys like this get marched to the clearance aisle, toy manufacturers will stop making them or retailers will simply stop stocking them. I was keeping an eye out for it, but would I have bought this if it hadn't been on sale? Hmm, probably not, unless I was somehow flush with small untraceable cash. As is, I missed a lunch or two, which sounds right about right.

Next week? Batman. Maybe. Unless something else falls into my lap.


Jason F.C. Clarke said...

Love all the different helmets. And every day with a Toonces reference is a good one.

"It's not a's...the Tooncinator!"

Sea-of-Green said...

Dude! I am SO modifying a Stormtrooper mask to use as a crash helmet!

And, Googum -- man -- I love ya for recognizing that, yes, BATMAN IS FUNNY!!!!!!

SallyP said...

This was hilarious as usual. The multiple helmets and Batman standing there holding the wheel was a hoot.

Chuck Dixon isn't a bad writer, but I do have to admit that it was during his run that I finally decided once and for all, that I had indeed outgrown the X-Men. The horrible horrible things that he did to poor Nightcrawler STILL make me cry.

Anonymous said...

I saw TMBG live last of the best shows I've ever been to. I'm a big fan of the new album, actually.

I'm not familiar with the Austen run, because I stopped reading X-Men as soon as Joe Mad! started drawing them. *shudder*

Except Whedon's Astonishing run, though. Because we all know that man has a Midas pen.

Sleestak said...

Oh my god that was great. Please email Marvel and let them have all these ideas so they can start a Nightcrawler/Deadpool book.

Ace said...

I agree with Sleestak! 'Pool needs two books, just like tthose two-bit characters get! How may books does Hank Pym appear in?!

I really laughed out loud with Batman's first speech bubble. XD

Anonymous said...

Well, Batman, maybe if you just frickin' killed Joker already, you wouldn't have to worry so much about your wheel falling off. Sheesh!

Great stuff, as usual.