Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Checkup from the Neck-up."
God, Samson looks like he's trying to sell Pool a gym membership there.

I had to do a little research on this one: I knew Estelle Getty died recently, and I thought Deadpool was hung up on her, not Bea Arthur. Incidentally, if you try a Google search for "Estelle Getty" and "Deadpool," you are not going to get the kind of results I was looking for. Just a heads up, there.

Like DC's Ambush Bug, Deadpool often breaks the fourth wall to talk to the reader, and often seems aware that he's in a comic book. I don't know that it's ever bothered Wade, like it does here: I was thinking of a Hulk issue where the guesting She-Hulk becomes agitated that she was made to look foolish in front of the readers, who the Hulk can't see, and he suggests she see none other than Doc Samson. Maybe it helped, since she doesn't talk to the reader as much anymore.

On the tail end of Cable/Deadpool, after Cable had left the book, Brother Voodoo asks Deadpool the question: Can he redeem himself? Voodoo didn't seem to think so, based on Pool's past crimes. Even if that was true, it's a harsh and foolish answer, one that could very well have given Pool permission to backslide into bad deeds again.

Next time: Samson's diagnosis. You may need to put some paper in the printer for that one...


SallyP said...

Four hours in, and Wade still probably hasn't taken a breath.

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