Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"Robin's Day Out, or Driving Object Lessons."

Click to enlarge. Or squint. See if I care!

That last Cobra Commander panel is terrible, sorry.

I have a Super Powers Batmobile, but no actual Super Powers figures. It was an eBay score, and there are the occasional figures that fit in it.

I love the old Animated style Robin, because he seems that much smaller than Batman or any of the bad guys, and stands out in contrast. This whole strip was little more than having Robin and some figures that would fit in the Batmobile in the same box. Incidentally, it was a box that hadn't seen a lot of use, since most of the toys I buy and display lately are larger-scale.

Plus, and this is another one of those things I could be completely misremembering, but in Batman: the Animated Series, wasn't Tim Drake initially only interested in getting revenge on Two-Face for killing his dad? And then Batman makes him Robin to keep him from getting killed, and get a new sidekick out of the deal? Kind of press-ganged Tim into the gig. Still, the voicework on Tim was better than you would've thought, and Tim seemed to have a relatively normal childhood--playing videogames and slacking off, that is--despite his dad's death, brutal training from Batman, life and death situations on a weekly basis, etc.

I do miss this style of Batmobile, though: one that's neither tank nor gothic monstrosity.


Sea_of_Green said...

Ah, jeez, the Han Solo bit made me spit tea all over my keyboard.


I have a remote-controlled toy Batmobile from B:TAS. It's a nice-looking vehicle. Sadly, no figures fit in it, and it only goes backward and forward. :-(

Alex said...

Dude, great stuff. This is the first time I've run across your blog, I'm totally keeping tabs on you.

SallyP said...

Magnificent. As the mother of a sixteen-year old who JUST got her license, I am both enthralled and horrified.

But I love the sarcastic undertones to Tim's dialogue.