Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Even when I'm not updating, I'm still here on the blog a lot; because I use all the links to read everyone else's blogs. (Early on, I had to set Statcounter to not count hits from my location, or there'd be an extra couple hundred every day...) So I hate not updating, since after a while it grates on me seeing the same posts there. Which means it's time to shuffle the deck chairs on the sinking...I mean, spruce this place up!

I suspect this is what happened to that last issue of Battle Chasers.

Dear Tara is still one of my favorite posts here, a love letter to love letters and old Mike Grell Warlord comics. Why isn't there a Showcase collection for Warlord again? I mean, it's gotta have a bigger potential fanbase than Sugar and Spike, and nine out of ten bloggers want that one...

If Sarah Palin was this hot...that would be bad, yeah.
Before she was shot, before she was Oracle, before Birds of Prey; Barbara Gordon was Batgirl and a disturbingly hot Congresswoman. Try not to wonder how the hell the obviously under-30 Barbara got elected...

Did Aquaman have trouble getting up front?  'No, I'm Aquaman!  Yes, I'm a super-hero!  Look, there's Wonder Woman, she'll vouch for me!'

You know what The New Frontier really needed? Rex the Wonder Dog. And Congorilla. Check out the double-secret secret origin of the day before the Justice League!

Somehow, I picture Firehair as even now trying to will himself out of The War that Time Forgot.

Oh, let's do one more DC Hullabalooza: On it's last hurrah as a regular-format comic, Showcase tries to prove you don't need Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman for a party, in this little number with everyone who was ever featured in the book, from the silver age Flash, Green Lantern, Atom, the Creeper, Lois Lane, the Challengers, the, um, Inferior Five...Angel and the Ape...Sugar and Spice...Space, crap. At any rate, there is a running theme in these last two, of Lois Lane being way more kickass than she ever was in either her own book or Superman's.

Well, perhaps later we'll try for a Marvel-centric clip show, then maybe a homemade post one, and by then I might be back in action. Until then, remember: Space Ranger sucks.


SallyP said...

You have to admit that the Blackhawks look INCREDIBLY dashing. Especially in comparison to the Challengers, who are all standing sheepishly in their purple jammies.

Technical problems are SUCH a pain.

Sea_of_Green said...

Hey, now -- I LIKED Space Ranger! Besides, he got along with Hal Jordan pretty well. ;-)

Yeah, we really, really need a Warlord Showcase collection. Beats me why DC hasn't released one. Warlord was actually their most popular title in the late 1970s.