Monday, October 27, 2008

OK, since last time I did a DC-centric clip show, this time around we'll hit up some of the Marvel "highlights." Actually, maybe highlights shouldn't be in quotes there, some of these were actually pretty good, or at least actually featured the characters who's book it was. Seriously, does Marvel have a policy now where at least one issue a year has to not feature the main character, even in passing? And for every book that can do that well, like Brubaker's Captain America, there's an Avengers book with no Avengers, a Cable issue about Bishop, or a Spider-Man about Flash Thompson.

Wow, off-topic already! Hey, don't leave yet!
Hey, when my shift's over, my shift is over, get me?
Ah, the Avengers are getting a head start for the sad tale of Bloodhawk, or are leaving because they've already heard it. Has there been other characters named Bloodhawk? Seems too easy a name to have just been left there...

I imagine that 'What? You're still talking?' as less surprised than pissed...
I totally stepped on the punchline the first time I posted this: "His love is real, Hulk, even if he is not!" Maybe love isn't the right word...

Skrull or no Skrull, dead or not, Hank had best be back in this outfit posthaste.
I wouldn't have bet on this, but I've used the tag "Back when Hank Pym was cool" more than the one for Spider-Man. This one's got both, so there you go.

Although I know full well Man-Wolf's never sucessfully killed anyone, I'd still scream like a girl if that was coming at me.

Let's do one more for today: another Spidey one, with the sensational character find of the seventies, the Man-Wolf! Isn't John Jameson the Man-Wolf or Star-God or whatever again in the current continuity? Is he still married to She-Hulk? Shouldn't I look this nonsense up myself? Ah, well. I still have a carded Man-Wolf in my cube at work--of course I have an open one, but the sheer joy of him having a toy made it worth buying a cheap spare for display. Very Halloween, all year round. Damn, now I wish I could do more for Halloween, but probably not. Pick up my slack, OK?


Uxas said...

I think last time I checked he was still Star-God. And I think the marriage was annulled or something because there was some sort of mind control issue or something.

I dunno. Kind of gave up on that series right before the end.

Sea_of_Green said...

Ah, Man-Wolf. I'll never forget Spidey ripping that stupid necklace right off of his throat. OWEEEE!