Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tell me Hasbro still has the name rights for Omega Supreme, and it's not a vitamin supplement or something now.

Fans of action figure-based 80's cartoons and comics like G.I. Joe and the Transformers may occasionally have been dismayed by discrepancies between how a character was portrayed on TV, versus in the comics. While the big guns like Optimus Prime or Duke were usually consistent, it wasn't uncommon for even a lead character like Snake-Eyes to be radically inconsistent: in the comics, the mute ninja shone; while the cartoon seemed unsure what to do with him. (Of course, the real reason for this is that the cartoon and comic book versions were done by different crews, who may have little idea or not care what the other was doing; but don't look behind the curtain!)

Which brings us to today's character, the Transformer's Omega Supreme. One of the largest Transformers, Omega was the Autobots' last line of defense; a huge robot that transformed into a "laser tank" that rode the track around the rocket base. In rocket mode, Omega was even capable of interplanetary flight, although that would deplete his energy to dangerous, perhaps even fatal, levels. (And to raise the stakes and keep the good guys on the ropes, poor Omega seemed to spend a lot of his time either powerless or blown up.) Massive and powerful, Omega had a booming voice, but didn't seem like a big talker.

Conversely, in the comics, Omega Supreme was Muhammad Ali.

Omega would crush the hell out of the nine Decepticons that attacked that day; although as usual they all escaped. After his failure, Megatron then had to fend off an attempt by Shockwave to take command, citing gross incompetence. Megatron argues his way out of it, pointing out at least he's doing something.

Scans from Marvel's the Transformers #19, "Command Performances!" Written by Bob Budiansky, pencils by Don Perlin, inks by Ian Akins and Brian Garvey.

In other news, in casual conversation today, I could've sworn someone was talking about Helen Keller's blog. Yeah, I was way off on that one...

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Bubbashelby said...

I didn't follow the recent TF Animated series that closely, but I do recall them making the Autobot spaceship (The Ark) transform into Omega Supreme.